TWL rating
David Pearl
David Pearl | Long Beach, CA (USA)
(Peak: 1910)
Lifetime record
935-697-5 (0.573)
Career earnings: $13,449
Avg. score
Annotated Games
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ViewJoshua SokolSan Francisco, CA2017-12-0811TWL15
ViewJoey MallickSan Francisco, CA2017-12-0814TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarSan Francisco, CA2017-12-0818TWL15
ViewJoshua SokolSan Francisco, CA2017-12-0820TWL15
ViewJesse Day27th National Championship2016-08-0610TWL15
ViewMatt Canik27th National Championship2016-08-0611TWL15
ViewMorris Greenberg27th National Championship2016-08-0613TWL15
ViewJoey Mallick27th National Championship2016-08-0617TWL15
ViewMike Frentz27th National Championship2016-08-0618TWL15
ViewJoey Krafchick27th National Championship2016-08-0620TWL15
ViewJoey Krafchick27th National Championship2016-08-0625TWL15
ViewJoshua Sokol27th National Championship2016-08-0629TWL15
ViewAlec SjoholmSeattle, WA2016-07-165TWL15
ViewReid Hattaway26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-0125TWL15
ViewAvery Mojica26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-0128TWL15
ViewChris Tallman25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0921TWL06
ViewWill Anderson25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0925TWL06
ViewRichard Spence25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0926TWL06
ViewJim Burlant25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0928TWL06
ViewJesse DayLos Angeles, CA2014-03-296TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLos Angeles, CA2014-03-2910TWL06
ViewJesse DayLas Vegas, NV2013-02-1616TWL06
ViewEric TranLas Vegas, NV2013-02-1617TWL06
ViewMike FrentzCalifornia Open2012-11-0214TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCovina, CA2012-06-105TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCovina, CA2012-06-107TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarSan Diego, CA2012-04-2715TWL06
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardLas Vegas, NV2012-02-183TWL06
ViewMike FrentzLas Vegas, NV2012-02-184
ViewCesar Del SolarLas Vegas, NV2012-02-1812TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLas Vegas, NV2012-02-1820TWL06
ViewMike FrentzLas Vegas, NV2012-02-1821
ViewMike FrentzLas Vegas, NV2012-02-1822
ViewMike FrentzLas Vegas, NV2012-02-1823
ViewCesar Del SolarCovina, CA2011-12-116TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods, CA2011-05-016TWL06
ViewJim BurlantSan Diego, CA2011-04-0816TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods, CA2010-04-1711TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods, CA2010-04-1712TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarStanton, CA2010-01-315TWL06
ViewJason Idalski20th National Championship2009-08-0130TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods CA2008-12-074TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods CA2008-12-076TWL06
ViewJesse Day19th National Championship2008-07-266TWL06
ViewJesse Matthews19th National Championship2008-07-2615TWL06
ViewNathan BenedictOrange County CA2007-04-2111TWL06
ViewCesar Del Solar---TWL15
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