TWL rating
Brian Galebach
Brian Galebach | Columbia, MD (USA)
1707 / 1680
(Peak: 1807)
Lifetime record
960-709-4 (0.575)
Career earnings: $5,285
Avg. score
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Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewDavid KoenigWashington, DC2015-04-186CSW12
ViewJennifer LeeWilmington, DE2014-10-126TWL06
ViewJennifer LeeWilmington, DE2014-10-126TWL06
ViewCharles ReinkeNational Scrabble Championship, NY2014-08-0911TWL06
ViewJoshua SokolNational Scrabble Championship, NY2014-08-0929TWL06
ViewWill AndersonOld Greenwich, CT2013-08-164TWL06
ViewNigel RichardsNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-202TWL06
ViewJoey KrafchickNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-2031TWL06
ViewWill AndersonStamford, CT2013-05-246TWL06
ViewJoey MallickStamford, CT2013-05-248TWL06
ViewRyan FischerCharleston, WV2012-09-281TWL06
ViewKevin LeedsNational Championship2012-08-114
ViewKevin LeedsNational Championship2012-08-1130
ViewJoey KrafchickAlbany, NY2012-06-299
ViewEvans ClinchyHancock, MA2012-06-088
ViewEvans ClinchyHancock, MA2012-06-0816
ViewRyan FischerCharleston, WV2011-09-172TWL06
ViewRyan FischerCharleston, WV2011-09-177TWL06
ViewRyan FischerCharleston, WV2011-09-163TWL06
ViewRod MacNeilNorth American Championship2011-08-062TWL06
ViewEvans ClinchyOld Greenwich, CT2011-07-223TWL06
ViewRyan FischerCharleston, WV2010-05-012TWL06
ViewRyan FischerCharleston, WV2010-05-017TWL06
ViewRyan FischerCharleston, WV2010-04-303TWL06
ViewBradley WhitmarshAlbany NY Early Bird A2008-07-032TWL06
ViewRyan FischerBaltimore MD2007-09-281TWL06
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