TWL rating
Kevin Fraley
Kevin Fraley | San Jose, CA (USA)
(Peak: 1892)
Lifetime record
749-558-1 (0.573)
Career earnings: $11,123
Avg. score
Annotated Games
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ViewJack NormanBerkeley, CA2018-01-074TWL15
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2017-11-056TWL15
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2017-09-105TWL15
ViewJoshua Sokol28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-222TWL15
ViewMack Meller28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-225TWL15
ViewMorris Greenberg28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2217TWL15
ViewJesse Day28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2222TWL15
ViewJim Burlant28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2225TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2017-07-163TWL15
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2017-04-025TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBest Of The Bay - Berkeley, CA2017-02-196TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2016-10-023TWL15
ViewCesar Del Solar27th National Championship2016-08-063TWL15
ViewCharles Reinke27th National Championship2016-08-065TWL15
ViewMorris Greenberg27th National Championship2016-08-0610TWL15
ViewMack Meller27th National Championship2016-08-0612TWL15
ViewMike Frentz27th National Championship2016-08-0625TWL15
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2016-07-101TWL15
ViewMatt CanikSWILLLNS2016-06-112TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarSWILLLNS2016-06-117TWL15
ViewJoey MallickSWILLLNS2016-06-119TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2016-06-054TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2016-04-033TWL15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-01-105TWL15
ViewRaghuram JonnalageddaCalifornia Open2015-12-182TWL15
ViewJesse DayCalifornia Open2015-12-185TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarCalifornia Open2015-12-1815TWL15
ViewJesse DaySan Jose, CA2015-08-306TWL15
ViewJohn Dalton26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-018TWL15
ViewNoah WaltonCalifornia Open2014-10-315TWL06
ViewDave WiegandReno, NV Main Event2010-07-0211TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarSilicon Valley Showdown2010-05-2914TWL06
ViewRaghuram JonnalageddaMountain View, CA2009-10-183TWL06
ViewDave WiegandCalifornia Open2008-10-2410TWL06
ViewDave WiegandReno NV Main Event2008-07-049TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanBerkeley CA2008-04-061TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanMilpitas CA2008-03-161TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanMilpitas CA2008-02-242TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanBerkeley CA2008-02-101TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanBerkeley CA2008-02-106TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanMilpitas CA2008-01-272TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanMilpitas CA2008-01-276TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanLos Gatos CA2007-12-162TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanBerkeley CA2007-12-021TWL06
ViewDave WiegandPortland OR Main Event2007-09-0115TWL06
ViewDave WiegandReno NV Main Event2007-07-0224TWL06
ViewNathan BenedictPhoenix AZ Main Event2007-02-172TWL06
ViewDave WiegandPhoenix AZ Main Event2007-02-179TWL06
ViewNoah Walton---
ViewNoah Walton---
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