Entrants for The 7th Annual Crescent Cup, New Orleans, LA
January 13-15, 2018

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Entrants list last modified: December 10, 2017 07:02:57 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 81 (47 confirmed and 34 tentative)

Number of games: 20

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

 When Change Player
1 day ago Added Elaine Livers
1 day ago Added Diana Bowen
1 day ago Marked 'tentative' Christina Damron
1 day ago Added Bennett Jacobstein
1 day ago Marked 'confirmed' Christina Damron
2 days ago Marked 'confirmed' Jeffrey Nelson
3 days ago Marked 'confirmed' Jonathan Lindh
3 days ago Removed Norman Wei
3 days ago Added Norman Wei
1 week ago Added Harriette Lakernick
1 week ago Added Jeannie J Wilson
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Melanie Clancey
1 week ago Added Joan Murphy
1 week ago Added Annette McCaffery
1 week ago Added Christina Damron
1 week ago Added Jonathan Lindh
1 week ago Added Ferdinand Addo
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Michael Baker
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Emily Brodeur
2 weeks ago Added Bruce Hamilton
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Eli Shupak
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Sarah Waits
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Maneck Contractor
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Steven Dinapoli
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Maddy Kamen
2 weeks ago Added Michael Eldeiry
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Heidi Hugli
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Jeff Mcalpin
2 weeks ago Added Michael Baker
2 weeks ago Added Andrea Hatch
2 weeks ago Added Keith Hagel
2 weeks ago Added Eli Shupak
2 weeks ago Added Mnz Chs
1 month ago Added Marlena Cannon
1 month ago Added Thomas Tremont
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Julia Scruggs
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Wayne Scruggs
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Lindsey Dimmick
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' William Clark
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Arthur Moore
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Josephine Flowers
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Maurice Ross
1 month ago Added Carl Johnson
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Judy Newhouse
1 month ago Added Elizabeth Berman
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Lindsay Crotty
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Noel Livermore
1 month ago Added Arthur Moore
1 month ago Added Wes Eddings
1 month ago Added Linda Oliva
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' David Engelhardt
1 month ago Added Crayne Spanier
1 month ago Added Heather McCall
1 month ago Added Josephine Flowers
1 month ago Added Rhonda Roederer
1 month ago Added Queen Ester Lewis
1 month ago Added Brenda Smith
1 month ago Added Linda Warren
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' John Karris
1 month ago Added Alison Lifland
1 month ago Added Noel Livermore
2 months ago Added Jeff Mcalpin
2 months ago Added Conrad Braud
2 months ago Added Tracy Bowman
2 months ago Marked 'confirmed' Harry Durbin
2 months ago Added Marlene Milkent
2 months ago Added Doug Brockmeier
3 months ago Added April McCarley
3 months ago Added John Karris
3 months ago Added Harry Durbin
3 months ago Added Julia Scruggs
3 months ago Added Wayne Scruggs
3 months ago Added Mary E Goulet
3 months ago Added Maurice Ross
3 months ago Added Heidi Hugli
3 months ago Added Paul Thornton
3 months ago Added Samuel Kennedy
3 months ago Added Maureen Morris
3 months ago Added Robert Fenske
3 months ago Added Mariah Smith
3 months ago Added Jacqueline Camper
4 months ago Added Celia Dayrit Thompson
4 months ago Added Broderick Larkins
4 months ago Added Chandra Hebert
4 months ago Added Julia Bogle
4 months ago Added Caesar Jaramillo
4 months ago Added Sarah Waits
4 months ago Added KC Frodyma
4 months ago Added Chris Patrick Morgan
4 months ago Removed Guy Ingram
4 months ago Added Lana Westcott
4 months ago Added Matt Canik
4 months ago Added Melanie Clancey
4 months ago Added Judy Newhouse
4 months ago Added Randy Mayeux
4 months ago Added Maneck Contractor
4 months ago Added Sandra Grant
4 months ago Added Ruth Patrick
4 months ago Added Steven Dinapoli
4 months ago Added William Clark
4 months ago Removed Scott Garner
4 months ago Added Tony Melucci
5 months ago Removed Lila Crotty
5 months ago Added Michael Donegan
5 months ago Added Bryan Pepper
5 months ago Added Emily Brodeur
1 year ago Added Cesar Del Solar
1 year ago Added Lindsay Crotty
1 year ago Added Guy Ingram
1 year ago Added Jason Li
1 year ago Added Lila Crotty
1 year ago Added Maddy Kamen
1 year ago Added Jeffrey Nelson
1 year ago Added Scott Garner
1 year ago Added David Engelhardt
1 year ago Added Lindsey Dimmick

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