TWL rating
David Whitley
David Whitley | Monrovia, CA (USA)
1807 / 1708
(Peak: 1872)
Lifetime record
807-690-10 (0.539)
Career earnings: $2,410
Avg. score
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Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewRyan FischerNorth American Scrabble Championship2017-07-2210CSW15
ViewDave WiegandNorth American Scrabble Championship2017-07-2224CSW15
ViewEvans ClinchyCrescent City Cup2017-01-1410CSW15
ViewCesar Del SolarCalifornia Open2015-12-185TWL15
ViewJesse DayCalifornia Open2015-12-188TWL15
ViewRaghuram JonnalageddaCalifornia Open2015-12-1820TWL15
ViewJoey Krafchick26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-014TWL15
ViewReid Hattaway26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-016TWL15
ViewMatt Canik26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-0115TWL15
ViewCharles Reinke26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-0116TWL15
ViewCesar Del Solar26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-0117TWL15
ViewMorris GreenbergCrescent City Cup2015-01-173TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCalifornia Open2014-10-3118TWL06
ViewMatt CanikSchertz, TX2014-10-184TWL06
ViewMatthew Bernardina25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0920CSW12
ViewJesse DayLas Vegas, NV2014-07-186TWL06
ViewJoshua SokolLas Vegas, NV2014-07-1818TWL06
ViewWill AndersonCalifornia Open2013-11-2215TWL06
ViewMatt CanikWaco, TX2013-11-0211TWL06
ViewMatt CanikWaco, TX2013-11-011TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarGlendale, CA2013-09-155TWL06
ViewThomas Reinke24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2015TWL06
ViewJoey Mallick24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2018TWL06
ViewJoey KrafchickHouston, TX2013-03-157TWL06
ViewMatt CanikHouston, TX2013-03-159TWL06
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiLas Vegas, NV2013-02-1616CSW12
ViewCesar Del SolarMalibu, CA2012-12-019CSW12
ViewKevin Leeds23rd National Championship Main Event2012-08-1110
ViewKevin Leeds23rd National Championship Main Event2012-08-1120
ViewCesar Del SolarSan Diego, CA2012-04-273TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLong Beach, CA2012-03-255TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLong Beach, CA2012-03-257TWL06
ViewNigel PeltierVancouver, BC2012-03-031
ViewJesse DayVancouver, BC2012-03-035
ViewNoah WaltonCalifornia Open2011-10-288TWL06
ViewJames LeongCalifornia Open2011-10-2815TWL06
ViewJoey Mallick22nd National Championship Main Event2011-08-0620TWL06
ViewDaniel GoodwinSan Diego, CA2011-04-088TWL06
ViewDave WiegandAshland, OR2011-03-252CSW07
ViewJim BurlantTexas State Championship2011-02-0512TWL06
ViewDave WiegandPortland, OR2010-09-0413TWL06
ViewEvans Clinchy21st National Championship2010-08-075
ViewCesar Del SolarCampbell, CA2010-05-2911TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCampbell, CA2010-05-2916TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods, CA2010-04-175TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarVancouver, BC2010-03-0610TWL06
ViewMatt CanikIrving, TX2009-09-0517TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods CA2009-08-229TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLaguna Woods CA2008-12-077TWL06
ViewBradley Whitmarsh19th National Championship2008-07-2625TWL06
ViewCesar Del Solar---
ViewNick Fraher---TWL06
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