Entrants for San Francisco, CA CSW Lexicon
December 8-10, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: October 16, 2017 08:21:50 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 24 (20 confirmed and 4 tentative)

Number of games: 20

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Division 1
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Dave Wiegand 2222OR16.3  history
2.  Jesse Day 2046NY14.3  history
3.  Rob Robinsky *2031MN14.2  history
4.  Jason Keller 2030NJ14.1  history
5.  Bradley Whitmarsh 1993MA13.7  history
6.  Nick Ball 1912CA12.6  history
7.  Scott Jackson *1877MN12.1  history
8.  Tim Weiss 1863NJ11.9  history
9.  Martin Demello 1825CA11.4  history
10.  Puneet Sharma 1798CA11.0  history
11.  Sinna Vijayakumar *1794ON10.9  history
12.  David Whitley 1766CA10.5  history
13.  Travis Chaney 1745OR10.2  history
14.  Steve Pellinen 1735MN10.1  history
15.  Bruce Ward 1720CA 9.9  history
16.  Mina Le 1660FL 9.0  history
17.  James Curley *1646TX 8.8  history
18.  Mark Francillon 1605VT 8.3  history
19.  Mary Aline Stevens 1519CA 7.1  history
20.  Ruth Hamilton 1503OR 6.9  history
21.  Jeremy Cahnmann 1459IL 6.4  history
22.  Betty Cornelison 1319OR 4.7  history
23.  Paula Catanese 1218CA 3.8  history
24.  B A Toole 928CA 1.7  history
Average rating: 1717
* = tentative

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