Entrants for The 4th Niagara Falls International Open
August 10-12, 2018

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Entrants list last modified: December 07, 2017 06:39:03 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 28 (0 confirmed and 28 tentative)

Number of games: 21

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
Elie Dangoor, chairman of WESPA, has once again generously donated CAD$9000 to the Collins prize pool!

Come and join us right after the 2018 Buffalo NASC for another 21 games of world-class Scrabble!

Book your hotel rooms early!

Division 1 ("TWL OPEN") (1300+)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Jackson Smylie *2020ON16.6  history
2.  Cesar Del Solar *1972CA16.0  history
3.  Joshua Sokol *1964QC16.0  history
4.  Seth Lipkin *1863MA14.7  history
5.  Daniel Stock *1777OH13.5  history
6.  Kristiina Overton *1656ON11.8  history
7.  Carol McDonald *1563MA10.4  history
8.  Kit Morehead *1529MI 9.9  history
9.  Julia Bogle *1459IN 8.9  history
10.  Kathleen Watson *1447TX 8.7  history
11.  Mad Palazzo *1372ON 7.6  history
12.  Roger Cullman *1363ON 7.5  history
13.  Lydia Keras *1338ON 7.1  history
14.  Risa Horowitz *1317CAN 6.8  history
15.  Deborah Gaudier *^848TX 2.0  history
Average rating: 1566
Division 2 ("TWL B") (under 1300)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Josh Greenway *1238ON13.6  history
2.  Tina Cur *1219NY13.3  history
3.  Dave Krook *1181ON12.7  history
4.  Susan Blanchard *1170WI12.5  history
5.  Maureen Morris *1137AB11.9  history
6.  Gerianne Abriano *1129NY11.8  history
7.  Doris Bourbonnais *1119ON11.6  history
8.  Paul Wigley *1080ON11.0  history
9.  Liam Chew *1078ON10.9  history
10.  Sophia Ozorio *976ON 9.2  history
11.  Mnz Chs *911TX 8.1  history
12.  Jamie Chew *704ON 5.1  history
13.  Ida Ann Shapiro *681NY 4.8  history
Average rating: 1048
* = tentative
^ = playing up

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