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Nick Ball
Nick Ball | Palo Alto, CA (USA)
1687 / 1930
(Peak: 2011)
Lifetime record
394-293-4 (0.573)
Career earnings: $970
Avg. score
Annotated Games
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ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-11-063CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-11-064CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-10-021CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-10-024CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-08-143CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-08-144CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-04-031CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2016-04-032CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-10-043CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-10-044CSW15
ViewGeoffrey Newman26th National Championship Main Event2015-08-0128CSW12
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2014-11-095CSW12
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2014-11-096CSW12
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiLas Vegas, NV2014-02-1511CSW12
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiLas Vegas, NV2014-02-1512CSW12
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiLas Vegas, NV2014-02-1517CSW12
ViewZbigniew Wieckowski11th World Championship2011-10-122
ViewBartosz Pieta11th World Championship2011-10-1225CSW07
ViewDave WiegandAshland, OR2011-03-2513CSW07
ViewDave WiegandSeattle, WA2010-11-126CSW07
ViewDave WiegandSeattle, WA2010-11-1213CSW07
ViewDave WiegandSeattle, WA2010-11-1215CSW07
ViewDave WiegandSeattle, WA2010-11-1218CSW07
ViewDave WiegandPortland, OR2010-05-307CSW07
ViewDave WiegandPortland, OR2010-05-308CSW07
ViewCarl JohnsonPortland, OR2010-05-293CSW07
ViewDave WiegandPortland, OR2010-05-295CSW07
ViewChris GrubbAshland, OR2010-03-265CSW07
ViewDave WiegandAshland, OR2010-03-266CSW07
ViewJason Katz-Brown10th World Championship2009-11-2615CSW07
ViewWinterPlainfield IN2009-03-073TWL06
ViewDavid Koenig---CSW15
ViewAdam Logan8th World Championship2005-11-1721SOWPODS
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