San Francisco, CA
1 Divisions / 64 Players / 20 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
2Cesar Del SolarIrene AverellView game 
2Whitney GouldJoey KrafchickView game 
5Alan WhitmanJoey KrafchickView game 
5Jerry LermanRaghuram JonnalageddaView game 
6Joey KrafchickJohn KarrisView game 
7Mike FrentzNorases VesdapuntView game 
7Joey KrafchickCecilia LeView game 
8Adam GinzbergCecilia LeView game 
8Rafi SternCesar Del SolarView game 
9Marlena CannonTasha AsberryView game 
9Joey KrafchickRafi SternView game 
10Cesar Del SolarDoug BrockmeierView game 
10Cesar Del SolarDoug BrockmeierView game 
11Adam GinzbergCesar Del SolarView game 
11Doug BrockmeierJoey KrafchickView game 
12Joey KrafchickAdam GinzbergView game 
12Cecilia LeCesar Del SolarView game 
13Cesar Del SolarJoey KrafchickView game 
14Joey KrafchickMaddy KamenView game 
14Cesar Del SolarJerry LermanView game 
14Adam GinzbergRafi SternView game 
15Joey KrafchickMike FrentzView game 
16Leesa BerahovichJoey KrafchickView game 
16Tasha AsberryKatherine PeringView game 
16Mike FrentzCesar Del SolarView game 
16Leesa BerahovichJoey KrafchickView game 
17Cesar Del SolarAdam GinzbergView game 
18Cecilia LeCesar Del SolarView game 
18Joey KrafchickJerry LermanView game 
19Cesar Del SolarJerry LermanView game 
19Roy KamenJoey KrafchickView game 
20Doug BrockmeierCecilia LeView game 
20Cesar Del SolarAdam GinzbergView game 
20Jerry LermanJoey KrafchickView game 
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