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Mark Nyman
Mark Nyman | Knutsford, Cheshire (GBR)
(Peak: 2069)
Lifetime record
583-269-3 (0.684)
Career earnings: $40,237
Avg. score
Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewJesse DayWESPA Championship2015-11-0428CSW15
ViewNathan Benedict10th World Championship2009-11-2615CSW07
ViewNigel Richards5th World Championship1999-11-0322
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-0325
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-0326
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-0327
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-0328
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-2621
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-2622
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-2623
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-2624
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-2625
ViewPakorn Nemitrmansuk4th Brand's King's Cup1992-02-0720
ViewPakorn Nemitrmansuk4th Brand's King's Cup1992-02-0721
ViewDavid Webb---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewJesse Day---CSW15
ViewCyril Umebiye---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewDave Wiegand---CSW15
ViewJesse Day---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewSaidu Ayorinde Adebanjo---CSW15
ViewBrett Smitheram---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewJesse Day---CSW15
ViewJoel Wapnick---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewStefan Rau---CSW15
ViewNigel Richards---CSW15
ViewKomol Panyasophonlert---CSW15
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-03F1SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-03F2SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-03F3SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick5th World Championship1999-11-03F4SOWPODS
ViewNigel Richards5th World Championship1999-11-0322SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-26F1SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-26F2SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-26F3SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-26F4SOWPODS
ViewJoel Wapnick2nd World Championship1993-08-26F5SOWPODS
ViewPakorn Nemitrmansuk4th Brand's King's Cup1992-02-07F1OSPD2
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