Shediac, NB
1 Divisions / 24 Players / 15 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Joshua SokolKristen ChewView game 
1Huguette SettleCesar Del SolarView game 
2Betty BergeronJoshua SokolView game 
2Cesar Del SolarChuck AbbateView game 
3Cesar Del SolarBetty BergeronView game 
3Huguette SettleJoshua SokolView game 
4Joshua SokolJackson SmylieView game 
4Randall ThomasCesar Del SolarView game 
5Joshua SokolRandall ThomasView game 
5Dean PorporoCesar Del SolarView game 
6Cesar Del SolarJuraj PivovarovView game 
6Dean PorporoJoshua SokolView game 
7Joey KrafchickJoshua SokolView game 
7Cesar Del SolarWayne BarclayView game 
8Joshua SokolMaxim PanitchView game 
8Joey KrafchickCesar Del SolarView game 
9Joshua SokolJohn StardomView game 
9Cesar Del SolarJackson SmylieView game 
10Joshua SokolCesar Del SolarView game 
11Cesar Del SolarMaxim PanitchView game 
11Wayne BarclayJoshua SokolView game 
12Joshua SokolJohn MerlauView game 
12John StardomCesar Del SolarView game 
13Chuck AbbateJoshua SokolView game 
14Joshua SokolJohn StardomView game 
15Juraj PivovarovJoshua SokolView game 
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