Albany, NY
3 Divisions / 71 Players / 23 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Joshua SokolJoanne CohenView game 
1Diana GrosmanWill AndersonView game 
1Mary E GouletJoey MallickView game 
2Joanne CohenJoey MallickView game 
2David EngelhardtWill AndersonView game 
2Mary E GouletJoshua SokolView game 
3Joey MallickJoshua SokolView game 
3Will AndersonLarry ShermanView game 
4Ben SchoenbrunJoey MallickView game 
4Joshua SokolDiana GrosmanView game 
4Will AndersonPeter BarkmanView game 
5Joey MallickChris KuligView game 
5Benjamin BloomWill AndersonView game 
5Sal PiroJoshua SokolView game 
6Ben SchoenbrunWill AndersonView game 
6Matt CanikBenjamin BloomView game 
6Joshua SokolMack MellerView game 
6Joey MallickDiana GrosmanView game 
7Matt CanikWes EddingsView game 
7Larry ShermanJoshua SokolView game 
7Will AndersonSal PiroView game 
7Michael FagenJoey MallickView game 
8Joshua SokolMichael FagenView game 
8Steve OzorioMatt CanikView game 
8Joey MallickMack MellerView game 
8Will AndersonJeremy HallView game 
9Joel HornMatt CanikView game 
9Larry ShermanJoey MallickView game 
9Mack MellerWill AndersonView game 
9Michael EcsedyJoshua SokolView game 
10Joey MallickJoel HornView game 
10Joshua SokolWill AndersonView game 
10Matt CanikSal PiroView game 
11Diana GrosmanMatt CanikView game 
11Joshua SokolJeremy HallView game 
11Will AndersonMichael FagenView game 
11Michael EcsedyJoey MallickView game 
12Diana GrosmanJoshua SokolView game 
12Matt CanikMack MellerView game 
12Joey MallickWill AndersonView game 
13Joshua SokolChris KuligView game 
13Larry ShermanWill AndersonView game 
13Matt CanikJoey MallickView game 
14Will AndersonChris KuligView game 
14Joshua SokolMatt CanikView game 
14Joey MallickJeremy HallView game 
15Joshua SokolMichael EcsedyView game 
15Michael FagenJoey MallickView game 
15Will AndersonMatt CanikView game 
16Peter BarkmanJoshua SokolView game 
16Michael FagenWill AndersonView game 
16Mack MellerMatt CanikView game 
16Joey MallickJeremy HallView game 
17Matt CanikJeremy HallView game 
17Joey MallickPeter BarkmanView game 
17Will AndersonJoshua SokolView game 
18Will AndersonJoey MallickView game 
18Matt CanikJoshua SokolView game 
19Mack MellerJoshua SokolView game 
19Matt CanikWill AndersonView game 
19Diana GrosmanJoey MallickView game 
20Joshua SokolJoey MallickView game 
20Will AndersonMack MellerView game 
20Peter BarkmanMatt CanikView game 
21Joey MallickWill AndersonView game 
21Mack MellerJoshua SokolView game 
21Matt CanikBen SchoenbrunView game 
22Joanne CohenMatt CanikView game 
22Will AndersonBen SchoenbrunView game 
22Mack MellerJoey MallickView game 
22Joshua SokolPeter BarkmanView game 
23Joey MallickJoshua SokolView game 
23Peter BarkmanWill AndersonView game 
23Sal PiroMatt CanikView game 
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