Atlanta, GA
3 Divisions / 72 Players / 22 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Joshua SokolDonna EisenstadtView game 
1Frank TangrediAvery MojicaView game 
2Mohamed AlimJoshua SokolView game 
3Avery MojicaDavid GibsonView game 
3Kevin BowermanJoshua SokolView game 
4Joshua SokolHoward PistolView game 
4David GibsonSiddharth MuraliView game 
5Joshua SokolDave LeiferView game 
5Avery MojicaRuchi GuptaView game 
6Chris KuligJoshua SokolView game 
7Joshua SokolDavid GibsonView game 
8Paul ErlandJoshua SokolView game 
10Joshua SokolMatthew TunnicliffeView game 
11Alexander GianikasJoshua SokolView game 
11Dave LeiferAvery MojicaView game 
12Joshua SokolJulia BogleView game 
13Joshua SokolAvery MojicaView game 
14Ian WeinsteinJoshua SokolView game 
14Matthew TunnicliffeAvery MojicaView game 
15Joshua SokolHoward PistolView game 
16Jon ShreveJoshua SokolView game 
16Avery MojicaEmely WeissmanView game 
17Chris KuligAvery MojicaView game 
17Joshua SokolRuchi GuptaView game 
18Jon ShreveJoshua SokolView game 
19Dave LeiferAvery MojicaView game 
19Joshua SokolEmely WeissmanView game 
20Howard PistolAvery MojicaView game 
20Julia BogleJoshua SokolView game 
21Mohamed AlimJoshua SokolView game 
21Avery MojicaDavid GibsonView game 
22Joshua SokolEmely WeissmanView game 
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