Niagara Falls, ON
1 Divisions / 110 Players / 22 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1George MacaulayTim WeissView game 
1Heidi RobertsonMarty GabrielView game 
1Jesse DayTaiwo ShobandeView game 
2Jesse DayChris Ten DenView game 
2Heidi RobertsonFidelis OlotuView game 
3Christopher VicaryJesse DayView game 
3Samantha SouthardHeidi RobertsonView game 
4Joel WapnickTim WeissView game 
4Andrew GoldingJesse DayView game 
4Kristen ChewHeidi RobertsonView game 
5Heidi RobertsonMartyna DomuradView game 
5Jesse DayOrlet BullockView game 
6Lindsay CrottyHeidi RobertsonView game 
6Quinn JamesFidelis OlotuView game 
6Sam RosinJesse DayView game 
7Jesse DayJennifer M LeeView game 
7Tim WeissAdam LoganView game 
7Heidi RobertsonChristopher VicaryView game 
8Sandy NangHeidi RobertsonView game 
8Mina LeJesse DayView game 
9Heidi RobertsonMpakaboari JackView game 
9Daniel BlakeTaiwo ShobandeView game 
9Jesse DayBen SchoenbrunView game 
10Steve KriegerJesse DayView game 
10Marlon HillHeidi RobertsonView game 
10Tim WeissWinterView game 
10Nigel RichardsQuinn JamesView game 
11Jesse DayPuneet SharmaView game 
12Tim WeissMarlon HillView game 
12Jason BroersmaJesse DayView game 
13Jesse DayPiotr AndronowskiView game 
13Lewis MackayDave WiegandView game 
14Jeremy HildebrandJesse DayView game 
15Jesse DayNigel RichardsView game 
16Tim WeissChris LipeView game 
16Dave WiegandJesse DayView game 
17Jesse DayTony LeahView game 
18Scott JacksonJesse DayView game 
19Jesse DayQuinn JamesView game 
20Shan AbbasiJesse DayView game 
21Lewis MackaySam RosinView game 
21Jesse DayPatricia JohnView game 
22Tim WeissJesse DayView game 
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