Niagara Falls, ON
2 Divisions / 99 Players / 22 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Joshua SokolLauren WernerView game 
1Joey MallickAnna MiranskyView game 
2Judy HornJoshua SokolView game 
2Anita RackhamJoey MallickView game 
3Joey MallickJeff FiszbeinView game 
3Deen HergottJoshua SokolView game 
4Deen HergottJoey MallickView game 
4Joshua SokolDoug LundquistView game 
5Jason LiJoshua SokolView game 
5Joey MallickSam HollingtonView game 
6Edward H ZuravJoey MallickView game 
6Joshua SokolKarl HigbyView game 
7Seth LipkinJoshua SokolView game 
7Joey MallickCraig RowlandView game 
8Steve OzorioJoey MallickView game 
8Joshua SokolCesar Del SolarView game 
9Joshua SokolCarl JohnsonView game 
9Joey MallickLydia KerasView game 
10Jackson SmylieJoshua SokolView game 
10Heather McCallJoey MallickView game 
11Joey MallickKenji MatsumotoView game 
11Craig RowlandJoshua SokolView game 
12Joshua SokolSteve GrobView game 
12Jackson SmylieJoey MallickView game 
13Joshua SokolJohn ChewView game 
13Carl JohnsonJoey MallickView game 
14Joey MallickJoshua SokolView game 
15Joshua SokolMaxim PanitchView game 
15Cesar Del SolarJoey MallickView game 
16Joey MallickSteve GrobView game 
16Mark PrzybyszewskiJoshua SokolView game 
17Joshua SokolSam HollingtonView game 
17Cesar Del SolarDeen HergottView game 
17Joel HornJoey MallickView game 
18Deen HergottCarl JohnsonView game 
18Joey MallickKarl HigbyView game 
18Steve GrobJoshua SokolView game 
19Joey MallickMaxim PanitchView game 
19Nicholas SchneiderSteve GrobView game 
19Joshua SokolSeth LipkinView game 
20Christopher SykesCesar Del SolarView game 
20Joshua SokolJoey MallickView game 
21Joey MallickJackson SmylieView game 
21Seth LipkinJoshua SokolView game 
22Joshua SokolKenji MatsumotoView game 
22Joey MallickSeth LipkinView game 
22Cesar Del SolarJackson SmylieView game 
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