Poughkeepsie, NY
4 Divisions / 51 Players / 14 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Mack MellerSteve TierView game 
1Joey MallickFrank TangrediView game 
2Mack MellerKarl HigbyView game 
2Joey MallickMary E GouletView game 
3Larry ShermanMack MellerView game 
3Karl HigbyJoey MallickView game 
4Mack MellerJoey MallickView game 
5Mack MellerMichael EcsedyView game 
5Joey MallickLarry ShermanView game 
6Frank TangrediMack MellerView game 
6Judy HornJoey MallickView game 
7Steve TierJoey MallickView game 
7Wes EddingsMack MellerView game 
8Wes EddingsJoey MallickView game 
8Sal PiroMack MellerView game 
9Joey MallickMichael EcsedyView game 
9Mack MellerJoel HornView game 
10Joey MallickJoel HornView game 
10Mack MellerJudy HornView game 
11Sal PiroJoey MallickView game 
11Mary E GouletMack MellerView game 
12Joey MallickKarl HigbyView game 
12Larry ShermanMack MellerView game 
13Karl HigbyJoey MallickView game 
13Mack MellerSal PiroView game 
14Karl HigbyMack MellerView game 
14Larry ShermanJoey MallickView game 
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