Can-Am Match
1 Divisions / 14 Players / 14 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Chris CreeEric TranView game 
1Cesar Del SolarJeremy HildebrandView game 
2Eric TranChris CreeView game 
2Jeremy HildebrandCesar Del SolarView game 
3Cesar Del SolarEric TranView game 
4Eric TranCesar Del SolarView game 
5John O'LaughlinEric TranView game 
5Cesar Del SolarJames LeongView game 
6James LeongCesar Del SolarView game 
6Eric TranJohn O'LaughlinView game 
7Dave WiegandEric TranView game 
8Eric TranDave WiegandView game 
9Jesse DayEric TranView game 
10Eric TranJesse DayView game 
11Rafi SternEric TranView game 
12Eric TranRafi SternView game 
13Conrad Bassett-BouchardEric TranView game 
14Eric TranConrad Bassett-BouchardView game 
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