Las Vegas, NV
2 Divisions / 18 Players / 16 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Edward De GuzmanJesse DayView game 
1Rafi SternLuise ShafritzView game 
1Cesar Del SolarMike HowlettView game 
2Edward De GuzmanRafi SternView game 
2Jesse DayLeesa BerahovichView game 
2Cesar Del SolarNigel PeltierView game 
3Nigel PeltierJesse DayView game 
3Gerry GreensideRafi SternView game 
4Rafi SternCesar Del SolarView game 
4Luise ShafritzJesse DayView game 
5Jesse DayMike HowlettView game 
6Jesse DayRafi SternView game 
7Gerry GreensideJesse DayView game 
8Mike HowlettJesse DayView game 
8Rafi SternCesar Del SolarView game 
9Jesse DayCesar Del SolarView game 
10Jesse DayPaul TerryView game 
12Jesse DayGerry GreensideView game 
13Cesar Del SolarRafi SternView game 
13Jesse DayEdward De GuzmanView game 
14Mike HowlettJesse DayView game 
15Rafi SternCesar Del SolarView game 
15Jesse DayPaul TerryView game 
16Cesar Del SolarJesse DayView game 
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