Charlotte, NC
3 Divisions / 66 Players / 24 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Ryan FischerJoel ShermanView game 
1Joey MallickAndy HoangView game 
2Andy HoangRyan FischerView game 
2Joey MallickDebbie StegmanView game 
3Ryan FischerDebbie StegmanView game 
3Joel ShermanJoey MallickView game 
4Debbie StegmanJoey KrafchickView game 
4Joey MallickJoe EdleyView game 
4David GibsonRyan FischerView game 
5Cynthia PughsleyJoey MallickView game 
5Ryan FischerIan WeinsteinView game 
6Joey MallickJohn LuebkemannView game 
6Lou CornelisRyan FischerView game 
7Lou CornelisJoey MallickView game 
7Ryan FischerRobin LaPrelleView game 
8Joey KrafchickJoey MallickView game 
8Ryan FischerRachel KnappView game 
9Joey MallickHeather SteffyView game 
10Ember NelsonJoey MallickView game 
11Cynthia PughsleyJoey MallickView game 
12Joey MallickHeather SteffyView game 
13Joe EdleyJoey MallickView game 
14Joey MallickRobin LaPrelleView game 
15John LuebkemannJoey MallickView game 
16Joey MallickDavid GibsonView game 
17Joey KrafchickEmber NelsonView game 
17Ryan FischerJoey MallickView game 
18Joey MallickRachel KnappView game 
19Ian WeinsteinJoey MallickView game 
20Joey MallickRachel KnappView game 
21John LuebkemannJoey MallickView game 
21Joey KrafchickJoe EdleyView game 
22Joey MallickEmber NelsonView game 
23Joey MallickRyan FischerView game 
24Ryan FischerJoey MallickView game 
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