Texas State Championship
4 Divisions / 57 Players / 13 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Jim BurlantMatt CanikView game 
2Steve GlassJim BurlantView game 
2Matt CanikDarrell DayView game 
3Ben WithersMatt CanikView game 
4Chris CreeMatt CanikView game 
4Michael WillisJim BurlantView game 
5Matt CanikKristina SimonView game 
5Paul HolserJim BurlantView game 
6Matt CanikSam Dick-OnuohaView game 
6Jim BurlantOrry SwiftView game 
7Darrell DayJim BurlantView game 
7Becky DyerMatt CanikView game 
8Jim BurlantBen WithersView game 
8Matt CanikMichael EarlyView game 
9Matt CanikOrry SwiftView game 
10Kristina SimonJim BurlantView game 
10Steve GlassMatt CanikView game 
11Geoff ThevenotMatt CanikView game 
12Matt CanikMichael WillisView game 
13Matt CanikPaul HolserView game 
13Jim BurlantMichael EarlyView game 
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