New Orleans, LA
2 Divisions / 94 Players / 20 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Conrad BraudCarl JohnsonView game 
1Robert FenskeJack NormanView game 
2Carl JohnsonHelen JoffeView game 
2Jack NormanTracy BowmanView game 
3Jason LiKeith HagelView game 
3Jack NormanWes EddingsView game 
4Keith HagelCarl JohnsonView game 
4Tim O'Hara JrJeffrey NelsonView game 
5Carl JohnsonJeffrey NelsonView game 
6Carl JohnsonWes EddingsView game 
7Jason LiCarl JohnsonView game 
7Jason LiCarl JohnsonView game 
8Carl JohnsonBen SchoenbrunView game 
8Carl JohnsonBen SchoenbrunView game 
8Jason LiDarrell DayView game 
9Carl JohnsonHeather McCallView game 
11Michael WillisCarl JohnsonView game 
11Ben SchoenbrunJulia BogleView game 
12Doug BrockmeierCarl JohnsonView game 
12Jack NormanBen SchoenbrunView game 
13Carl JohnsonDarrell DayView game 
14Jack NormanCarl JohnsonView game 
15Carl JohnsonMichael BakerView game 
15Jeffrey NelsonBen SchoenbrunView game 
15Carl JohnsonMichael BakerView game 
16Carl JohnsonMichael EarlyView game 
17Jack NormanBen SchoenbrunView game 
17Michael BakerCarl JohnsonView game 
18Carl JohnsonBen SchoenbrunView game 
19Jack NormanCarl JohnsonView game 
19Ben SchoenbrunMichael BakerView game 
20Michael BakerBen SchoenbrunView game 
20Carl JohnsonJack NormanView game 
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