Albany, NY
1 Divisions / 18 Players / 22 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Tim WeissDaniel BlakeView game 
1Richard BuckJoshua CastellanoView game 
2Mark FrancillonTim WeissView game 
2Sue TremblayJoshua CastellanoView game 
3Ezekiel MarkweiTim WeissView game 
3Joshua CastellanoMatthew O'ConnorView game 
4Joshua CastellanoMarlon HillView game 
4Tim WeissMatthew O'ConnorView game 
5Tim WeissJoshua CastellanoView game 
6Terry Kang RauJoshua CastellanoView game 
6Marlon HillTim WeissView game 
7Joshua CastellanoDaniel BlakeView game 
7Jason KellerTim WeissView game 
8Joshua CastellanoEzekiel MarkweiView game 
8Tim WeissWinterView game 
9Sam KantimathiTim WeissView game 
9Jason KellerJoshua CastellanoView game 
10Tim WeissVince CastellanoView game 
10Joshua CastellanoIliana FilbyView game 
11Sue TremblayTim WeissView game 
11Mark FrancillonJoshua CastellanoView game 
12Vince CastellanoJoshua CastellanoView game 
13Joshua CastellanoJason BroersmaView game 
14Joshua CastellanoWinterView game 
15Sam KantimathiJoshua CastellanoView game 
16Joshua CastellanoJason UbeikaView game 
17Jason BroersmaJoshua CastellanoView game 
18Joshua CastellanoTerry Kang RauView game 
19Shauna PetrieJoshua CastellanoView game 
20Joshua CastellanoDaniel BlakeView game 
21Jason UbeikaJoshua CastellanoView game 
21Joshua CastellanoJason UbeikaView game 
22Joshua CastellanoIliana FilbyView game 
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