San Francisco, CA
1 Divisions / 70 Players / 20 Games / Open-rated / Tourney Results
Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Player 2 Game
1Christopher StjernJoey MallickView game 
2Joey MallickJd RosensweigView game 
2George BissonnetteJoshua SokolView game 
3Cesar Del SolarDan UngerView game 
3Joey MallickJudy ColeView game 
3Joshua SokolJane BissonnetteView game 
4KC FrodymaJoey MallickView game 
4Cesar Del SolarJulia BogleView game 
4Joshua SokolZachary AnsellView game 
5Elizabeth RalstonJoshua SokolView game 
5Joey MallickRonald HowardView game 
6Daniel GoodwinJoshua SokolView game 
6John KarrisJoey MallickView game 
7Norases VesdapuntJoey MallickView game 
7Joshua SokolLeesa BerahovichView game 
8Joshua SokolJohn OrtmanView game 
8Leesa BerahovichCesar Del SolarView game 
8Joey MallickDoug BrockmeierView game 
9Cesar Del SolarThomas TremontView game 
9Doug BrockmeierJoshua SokolView game 
9Nigel PeltierJoey MallickView game 
10Cesar Del SolarRonald HowardView game 
10Joey MallickJoshua SokolView game 
10Joey MallickJoshua SokolView game 
11Jonathan LindhJoey MallickView game 
11David PearlJoshua SokolView game 
12Joshua SokolJerry LermanView game 
12Joey MallickRobin LevinView game 
13Eric TranJoey MallickView game 
13Joshua SokolCecilia LeView game 
14Joey MallickDavid PearlView game 
14Norases VesdapuntJoshua SokolView game 
15Joey MallickJohn OrtmanView game 
15Emely WeissmanJoshua SokolView game 
16Joey MallickCesar Del SolarView game 
16Joshua SokolJohn KarrisView game 
17Eric TranCesar Del SolarView game 
17Daniel GoodwinJoey MallickView game 
17Joshua SokolRobin LevinView game 
18Joshua SokolRonald HowardView game 
18Cesar Del SolarDavid PearlView game 
18Leesa BerahovichJoey MallickView game 
19Cesar Del SolarJoshua SokolView game 
19Cesar Del SolarJoshua SokolView game 
19Norases VesdapuntJoey MallickView game 
20David PearlJoshua SokolView game 
20Tom BondCesar Del SolarView game 
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