Entrants for Dallas Open, TX
March 13-15, 2009

Entrants list last modified: March 12, 2009 05:56:41 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 136 (136 confirmed and 0 tentative)

Number of games: 19

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Division 1
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Dave Wiegand 2078OR  history
2.  Joey Mallick 2026ME  history
3.  Lloyd Mills 2015ON  history
4.  Orry Swift 1996TX  history
5.  Joel Sherman 1973NY  history
6.  Chris Cree 1948TX  history
7.  Marty Gabriel 1934IL  history
8.  Joey Krafchick 1929TX  history
9.  Chris Williams 1926BC  history
10.  Darrell Day 1922TX  history
11.  Jim Burlant 1909TX  history
12.  Nathan Benedict 1904AZ  history
13.  Randy Greenspan 1897FL  history
14.  Scott Garner 1896TN  history
15.  Matthew Hodge 1878OK  history
16.  Geoff Thevenot 1877IL  history
17.  Jim Geary 1869AZ  history
18.  Chris Lipe 1853MO  history
19.  Lisa Odom 1847MN  history
20.  Matt Canik 1839TX  history
21.  Mike Baron 1835NM  history
22.  Dielle Saldanha 1818BC  history
23.  Alyssa Faria 1815MA  history
24.  Mark Kenas 1809WI  history
25.  David Whitley 1807CA  history
26.  Steve Pellinen 1804MN  history
27.  Rob Robinsky 1801MN  history
28.  Sam Dick-Onuoha 1794TX  history
29.  Steve Glass 1788FL  history
30.  Jason Keller 1785NJ  history
31.  Andrew Friedrich 1781CO  history
32.  Bradley Whitmarsh 1768MA  history
33.  Paul Holser 1756TX  history
34.  Wes Eddings 1755MA  history
35.  Rod MacNeil 1733MA  history
36.  Michael Early 1719TX  history
37.  Kevin Leeds 1709TX  history
38.  Sam Kantimathi 1701CA  history
39.  William Clark 1690LA  history
40.  Keith Smith 1687TX  history
41.  Fran Silver 1686TX  history
42.  Michael Willis 1681TX  history
43.  Rod Noland 1680LA  history
44.  Paul Mulik 1673MO  history
45.  Stan Miranda 1661NM  history
46.  Greg Heidler 1658HI  history
47.  Rebecca Lambert 1644MA  history
48.  Ken Kasney 1644ID  history
49.  Michael Baker 1638OR  history
50.  Laura Scheimberg 1627CO  history
51.  Wallace Schultz 1617NM  history
52.  Sheri Justice 1616MO  history
53.  Jeff Martin 1614NM  history
54.  Chris Canik 1613TX  history
55.  Jean McArthur 1608TX  history
56.  Terry Kang Rau 1598NY  history
57.  Becky Dyer 1593TX  history
58.  Luise Shafritz 1588NV  history
59.  Carol Kaplan 1582CA  history
60.  Jerry Dynes 1570LA  history
61.  Sue Gable 1569NY  history
62.  Brian Whitt 1566TX  history
63.  Mary Aline Stevens 1562CA  history
64.  John Dalton 1561TX  history
65.  Lila Crotty 1543LA  history
66.  Cynthia Seales 1536GA  history
67.  Stephen Sneed 1533TX  history
68.  Joe Bihlmeyer 1526CT  history
69.  Sandy Nang 1526CA  history
70.  Liz Gottlin 1519NC  history
71.  Helen Joffe 1506LA  history
72.  Paul Avrin 1505NY  history
73.  Judy Newhouse 1495TX  history
74.  Gregg Speicher 1494TX  history
75.  Keil Shults 1492TX  history
76.  John Redding 1483TX  history
77.  James Bahra 1463LA  history
78.  Ann Mirabito 1459TX  history
79.  Tobey Roland 1451MD  history
80.  Michael Eldeiry 1451FL  history
81.  Paul Thornton 1433TX  history
82.  Martin Weisskopf 1432AL  history
83.  Caesar Jaramillo 1411TX  history
84.  Wil Dabbs 1385MO  history
85.  David Gremaud 1384MO  history
86.  Ruben Solis 1378TX  history
87.  Debbie Scholz 1371TX  history
88.  Paul Hagelstein 1364TX  history
89.  Judy Cole 1359MA  history
90.  Derek Martinez 1340MN  history
91.  Tracy Bowman 1338IL  history
92.  Cheryl Melvin 1308MI  history
93.  Ted Rosen 1301NY  history
94.  Bennett Jacobstein 1297CA  history
95.  Jim Hughes 1289TX  history
96.  Karen DaCosta 1287TX  history
97.  Maureen Delgado 1263TX  history
98.  Daniel Milton 1258VA  history
99.  Carole Miller 1258CA  history
100.  Justin Bailey 1251NY  history
101.  Thomas Tremont 1236CA  history
102.  William Snoddy 1224NC  history
103.  Shelley Ubeika 1213ON  history
104.  Justin Sheridan 1199TX  history
105.  Lindsay Crotty 1182LA  history
106.  T A Sanders 1180TX  history
107.  April McCarley 1178TX  history
108.  Betsey Wood 1175MA  history
109.  Michael Donegan 1165TX  history
110.  Denise Mahnken 1149NY  history
111.  Pamina Deutsch 1144NM  history
112.  Janet Elliott 1144CA  history
113.  Lynda Woods Cleary 1135NJ  history
114.  Marina A Villena 1119FL  history
115.  Pat Sanchez 1116TX  history
116.  John Aitken 1104BC  history
117.  Nancy Scott 1101TX  history
118.  Woody Chen 1099NY  history
119.  Evelyn Callaway 1087TX  history
120.  Maneck Contractor 1085LA  history
121.  Mary Pastore 1064TX  history
122.  Mary Ellen Weisskopf 1016AL  history
123.  Scott Gilstrap 1003TX  history
124.  B A Toole 978CA  history
125.  Robin Gates 967TX  history
126.  Ruth Sawyer 947TX  history
127.  Deborah Gaudier 848TX  history
128.  Marion Dimond 838AB  history
129.  Joy Nees 664TX  history
130.  Kathy Johnson 606TX  history
131.  Annette Nelson 508TX  history
132.  Samantha Nelson 497TX  history
133.  Jon Canik 356TX  history
134.  Taylor Stoy ---  history
135.  Case Mundy ---  history
136.  David Saia ---  history
Average rating: 1479

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