Entrants for Knoxville, TN
March 24-25, 2018

Entrants list last modified: February 18, 2018 06:31:10 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 31 (18 confirmed and 13 tentative)

Number of games: 15

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
Confirmed means I have received your entry and payment. Tentative means you have said that you intend to play in the tournament. We expect to have two to four divisions depending on the entrants.

 When Change Player
2 days ago Marked 'confirmed' Donna Eisenstadt
2 days ago Marked 'confirmed' Michael Leippe
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Deborah Roberts
1 week ago Added Mike Benjamin
1 week ago Added Ron Perez Walker (new player)
1 week ago Removed Juan Perez Walker
1 week ago Added Chandra Hebert
1 week ago Added David Garcia
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Aaron Finkel
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Wayne Scruggs
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Julia Scruggs
2 weeks ago Added Donna Anderson
2 weeks ago Added Michael Doss (new player)
2 weeks ago Removed Kerry Remp
2 weeks ago Removed Trish Harrop
2 weeks ago Added Trish Harrop
2 weeks ago Added Stephen Stanley
1 month ago Removed Patricia Taylor
1 month ago Added Patricia Taylor
1 month ago Added Amy Fahimi
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' William Snoddy
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Ruchi Gupta
1 month ago Added Leslie Bradshaw
1 month ago Added Jacob Cohen
1 month ago Removed Cynthia Seales
1 month ago Added William Snoddy
1 month ago Added Jay Jacoby
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Joe Roberdeau
1 month ago Added Emily Brodeur
1 month ago Added Connie Breitbeil
1 month ago Added Mark Schmidt
1 month ago Added Ruchi Gupta
1 month ago Added Kerry Remp
1 month ago Added Frank Schin
2 months ago Added Andrew Gardner
2 months ago Added Deborah Roberts
2 months ago Added Julia Scruggs
2 months ago Added Wayne Scruggs
3 months ago Added Rodney Schwartz (new player)
3 months ago Added Bob Frey
3 months ago Added Michael Leippe
3 months ago Added Donna Eisenstadt
3 months ago Marked 'confirmed' Julia Bogle
3 months ago Added Julia Bogle
3 months ago Added Joe Roberdeau
4 months ago Added Juan Perez Walker
4 months ago Added David Gibson
4 months ago Added Richard McHugh
4 months ago Added Cynthia Seales
4 months ago Added Aaron Finkel
4 months ago Added Tina Yates

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