Entrants for North American Scrabble Championship, LA CSW Lexicon
July 21-26, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: May 30, 2017 06:01:04 AM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 58 (58 confirmed and 0 tentative)

Number of games: 31

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Division 1 (1500+)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Dave Wiegand 2204OR24.8  history
2.  Joel Wapnick 2049OH22.0  history
3.  Evans Clinchy 2035OR21.7  history
4.  Geoff Thevenot 2026IL21.6  history
5.  Sam Rosin 2002DC21.1  history
6.  Austin Shin 1928GBR19.5  history
7.  Bradley Whitmarsh 1919MA19.3  history
8.  John Holgate 1899AUS18.8  history
9.  Matthew O'Connor 1891NY18.7  history
10.  Rasheed Balogun 1870TX18.2  history
11.  Tim Weiss 1864NJ18.1  history
12.  Stefan Rau 1855NY17.8  history
13.  Tony Leah 1844ON17.6  history
14.  Ezekiel Markwei 1816FL16.9  history
15.  Gunther Jacobi 1812OR16.9  history
16.  Scott Garner 1788TN16.3  history
17.  Puneet Sharma 1770CA15.9  history
18.  Ryan Fischer 1757FL15.6  history
19.  David Whitley 1725CA14.8  history
20.  Karen Richards 1683AUS13.8  history
21.  Jason Ubeika 1664ON13.4  history
22.  Jason Broersma 1660ON13.3  history
23.  Mina Le 1640FL12.9  history
24.  Mohammad Sulaiman 1638ARE12.8  history
25.  Mpakaboari Jack 1638NGA12.8  history
26.  Bob Jackman 1589AUS11.7  history
27.  Jacob Bergmann 1582MA11.5  history
28.  Terry Kang Rau 1544NY10.7  history
29.  Melissa Routzahn 1537IL10.6  history
30.  Mark Francillon 1526VT10.3  history
31.  Jennifer M Lee 1501DC 9.8  history
32.  Randi Goldberg ^1496MO 9.7  history
33.  Supriya Devnani ^1496FL 9.7  history
34.  Samantha Southard ^1432NY 8.4  history
35.  Tim Mason ^---AUS---  history
Average rating: 1755
Division 2 (under 1500)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Lila Crotty 1485LA23.1  history
2.  Shauna Petrie 1454ON22.5  history
3.  Tobey Roland 1415MD21.8  history
4.  William Giblin 1411LA21.7  history
5.  Greg Feldkamp 1341OH20.2  history
6.  Lindsey Dimmick 1329LA20.0  history
7.  Joe Roberdeau 1304OH19.5  history
8.  Cornelia Guest 1292CT19.2  history
9.  Caroline Polak Scowcroft 1208AUS17.4  history
10.  Heidi Robertson 1180ON16.7  history
11.  Dallas Johnson 1167OH16.5  history
12.  Kaveri Raviraj 1118ON15.4  history
13.  Keith Nishimi 1095TX14.8  history
14.  Cheryl Melvin 1089MI14.7  history
15.  Constance J. Creech 998MI12.7  history
16.  Lynda Woods Cleary 918NJ11.0  history
17.  Liz Jackman 849AUS 9.6  history
18.  Cecilia Huber 822OH 9.1  history
19.  Rafique Khatri 757PAK 7.9  history
20.  Norman Wei 635FL 5.9  history
21.  Michael Gincel 620FL 5.7  history
22.  Cherish Amby-Okolo ---TX---  history
23.  Kwun Shing Lau ---HKG---  history
Average rating: 1118
^ = playing up

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