Entrants for Asheville, NC
November 4-5, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: November 06, 2017 01:10:03 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 80 (80 confirmed and 0 tentative)

Number of games: 14

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
The 12th Annual A-1 Autumn Leaves Asheville Scrabble Tournament is over! With 80 in TWL and 12 in Collins, we couldn’t have handled many more! As usual, we were very lucky with our weather during the first weekend in November, having had snow and a low of 30 degrees just the weekend before! We had a high around 70 both days, saw the sun a lot, and thanks to a delayed season, beautiful fall colors were everywhere!

There were Scrabblers from 22 states and one Canadian province! Several chose Airbnb to beat hotel prices, as Asheville is almost too popular this time of year.

There were lots of compliments about our improved venue at the Stephens-Lee Recreation Center. Katy Bernardina did all the data management for 7 divisions using TSH, and any little discrepancies were quickly resolved. On Saturday, Doc Brown’s Barbeque Food Truck efficiently fed many of us at lunch, and on Sunday, we enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches from the Melt Your Heart truck, although with a slightly longer wait because of the preparation time. Good food!

We are considering a shorter lunch break on Saturday for next year’s tournament, and get you out of there by 5 PM Saturday instead of 6 PM. For Sunday afternoon, we could start announcements at 1:50 PM, ensuring that clocks start at 2 PM. Especially since the food truck options turned out to be a good idea.

The “A-1 Cash” awards for high game in each division for rounds 1-12 were popular again, and credit Ryan Fischer for using that idea years before we did, and Jacob for encouraging that we move ahead with it again this year.

Thanks to all who put up with the usual extended wait-time before the awards ceremony. Why does it take so long? Because we have more divisions! Instead of three or four first-place winners we have seven! And we do pay down several places.

I won’t reiterate results, as those are available in multiple other places, but congrats again to David Gibson who just couldn’t manage to lose even one game out of fourteen! And he had some great competition. Thankfully, there were many other “winners” as well, sharing in the prize pool of approximately $8500.00. The coveted clipboards were again used as first place trophies, with special Scrabble mugs as an option.

Players really pitched in with “take-down” and we were out of there by 6 PM. Thanks to so many who helped make this tournament a good one: Jacob Cohen, Ruchi Gupta, Mark Schmidt, Leslie Bradshaw, Jay Jacoby, Katy Bernardina, Matt Bernardina, T.L. Allen, D Pedroza, Mike Leippe, Knox Daniel, Kate Fukawa-Connelly, and Winter, who was willing to be the “evener” of either TWL or Collins! Thanks to the staff at Stephens-Lee: Kim, Max, Destiny and Tamilla! Thanks to those who came from so far away! And to those who put up with division changes last minute, really wishing that they were playing in the one above or below!

We are going to do this again! November 3-4, 2018, same location!

Division 1
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  David Gibson 2190SC10.9  history
2.  Lloyd Mills 2015ON 9.3  history
3.  Randy Hersom 1921NC 8.3  history
4.  Winter 1870TX 7.7  history
5.  Bob Frey 1851TN 7.5  history
6.  Clay Daniel 1838VA 7.4  history
7.  Barry Keith 1829VA 7.3  history
8.  Jeff Cook 1784WV 6.8  history
9.  Chad Harris 1743SC 6.3  history
10.  Paul Erland 1732TN 6.2  history
11.  Pat Gaboury 1668FL 5.5  history
12.  Ken Kasney 1644ID 5.2  history
13.  Mark Schmidt 1624NC 5.0  history
14.  Donna Eisenstadt 1588NC 4.6  history
Average rating: 1807
Division 2
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  David Engelhardt 1580MD 8.2  history
2.  Will Scott 1564KY 8.0  history
3.  Cynthia Seales 1536GA 7.7  history
4.  Curtis Lee 1530FL 7.6  history
5.  Susan Bertoni 1526NC 7.5  history
6.  Sebastian Knowles 1519OH 7.5  history
7.  Ruchi Gupta 1497TN 7.2  history
8.  Arthur Moore 1476FL 7.0  history
9.  Carl Davis 1452GA 6.7  history
10.  Katya Lezin 1432NC 6.4  history
11.  Emily Brodeur 1414TN 6.2  history
12.  Aaron Finkel 1413NC 6.2  history
13.  Andrew Gardner 1392GA 6.0  history
14.  Alan Riechman 1391SC 5.9  history
Average rating: 1480
Division 3
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Julia Bogle 1378IN 8.1  history
2.  Kaia 1352WV 7.8  history
3.  Linda Oliva 1327MD 7.5  history
4.  Flora Taylor 1325NC 7.5  history
5.  Nancy Bowen 1316VA 7.4  history
6.  Peggy Altazan 1307LA 7.3  history
7.  Diana Bowen 1298VA 7.2  history
8.  Michelle Davis 1288GA 7.1  history
9.  Knox Daniel 1272VA 6.9  history
10.  Jacob Cohen 1266NC 6.8  history
11.  Ralph Ireland 1236GA 6.5  history
12.  Lois Greene 1213OH 6.2  history
13.  Anne Ladu 1195IA 6.0  history
14.  Susan Blanchard 1170WI 5.7  history
Average rating: 1282
Division 4
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Michael Donegan 1165TX 7.6  history
2.  Mia Kang 1164NC 7.6  history
3.  Wayne Scruggs 1163GA 7.5  history
4.  Jesse Wornum 1163OR 7.5  history
5.  Jacqueline Stewart 1162NC 7.5  history
6.  Eileen Johnson 1143NC 7.3  history
7.  Vicki Blizzard 1131TN 7.2  history
8.  Josephine Flowers 1125AR 7.1  history
9.  Jerri Bergeron 1102GA 6.8  history
10.  Marina A Villena 1100FL 6.8  history
11.  Bruce Shuman 1068NC 6.4  history
12.  Trish Harrop 1063TN 6.4  history
13.  Jason Mayfield 1051NC 6.2  history
14.  Rachel Gillette 1044CO 6.1  history
Average rating: 1117
Division 5
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Julia Scruggs 1034GA 8.7  history
2.  Donna Anderson 1002GA 8.3  history
3.  Preston Kilgore 988GA 8.2  history
4.  Chaunda Robinson 948TN 7.7  history
5.  Cathy Poole 931NC 7.5  history
6.  Christine Hannouche 924SC 7.4  history
7.  Deborah Roberts 896TN 7.1  history
8.  Michael Ireland 885GA 7.0  history
9.  Veronica Sherbourne 881NC 6.9  history
10.  Ed Morrison 881FL 6.9  history
11.  Roger Freeman 808TN 6.1  history
12.  Stephen Stanley 770NC 5.6  history
13.  Donetta Pedroza 752NC 5.4  history
14.  Jay Jacoby 738NC 5.3  history
Average rating: 888
Division 6
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Fay Ireland 736GA 9.0  history
2.  Leslie Bradshaw 726NC 8.9  history
3.  Samuel Chetty 701NC 8.6  history
4.  Marie Williams 687SC 8.4  history
5.  Chandra Hebert 624TN 7.7  history
6.  Cal Wiederholt 500NC 6.3  history
7.  Michael Leippe 430NC 5.4  history
8.  Melanie Clancey 422GA 5.4  history
9.  Gay Howe 405NC 5.2  history
10.  Irene Twork 401MI 5.1  history
Average rating: 563

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