Entrants for Omaha, NE
August 26-27, 2017

Entrants list last modified: August 16, 2017 10:54:03 AM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 46 (46 confirmed and 0 tentative)

Number of games: 13

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
IMPORTANT UPDATE! This year's new location is a Hampton Inn at 1401 South 72nd Street. Phone is 402-933-5510. Tourney room rates are no longer available.

The good news is that the new hotel is brand new and very nice. Room includes a nice full breakfast. There are lots of places to eat and shop. Aksarben Village is a couple of blocks away.

Shirts for this year's tourney will be purple with a tan print. Check out the River City Wrangle Facebook page to see the artwork. Last day to request a shirt is August 17.

Please verify that your NASPA membership is current.

Division assignments are tentative. Assignments are subject to change as new entries are received. We will likely have three or four divisions based on player ratings.

Tourney is now limited to 48 confirmed (i.e. paid) players. Once the max of 48 is reached, players who have sent entry fees will be placed on a waiting list. Fees will be returned if spots do not become available.

If you are in town on Friday night, consider coming by the Hampton Inn around 6. We are able to use the meeting room or a breakfast room to get in some friendly games. We are free to bring in drinks or food if we want. I'm bringing za! Come join us!

Division 1 (1310+)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Joey Mallick 2036ME10.0  history
2.  Joey Krafchick 1922GA 9.0  history
3.  Avery Mojica 1857KS 8.4  history
4.  Siddharth Murali 1815TX 8.0  history
5.  George Asaka 1600NE 5.8  history
6.  Paul Mulik 1588MO 5.7  history
7.  Alexander Gianikas 1521IL 5.0  history
8.  Judy Newhouse 1518TX 5.0  history
9.  Ken Dutch 1502KY 4.8  history
10.  Daniel Heck 1314IA 3.1  history
Average rating: 1667
Division 2 (970-1309)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Kene Mezue 1300ND 8.2  history
2.  Meredith Leigh 1262IA 7.8  history
3.  Kevin Gauthier 1230NY 7.4  history
4.  Nick Purifoy 1189MO 7.0  history
5.  Tina Friend 1156KS 6.6  history
6.  Kay Adam 1146SD 6.5  history
7.  Marina A Villena 1135FL 6.4  history
8.  Zarrine Banerji 1125MO 6.3  history
9.  Pat Boddy 1094IA 5.9  history
10.  Anne Ladu 1077IA 5.8  history
11.  Kirk Troutman 1050NE 5.5  history
12.  Deanna Stacy 974IA 4.6  history
Average rating: 1145
Division 3 (596-969)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Richard Banker 965IA 8.1  history
2.  Dinesh Rajangam 936IL 7.8  history
3.  Brian Summers 926MO 7.7  history
4.  Patricia Oppenlander 926TX 7.7  history
5.  Candy Wagner 900SD 7.4  history
6.  Kathi Cann 892KY 7.3  history
7.  James Mcgrath 812NE 6.5  history
8.  Cindy Zimmerman 794NE 6.3  history
9.  Mike Wagner 700SD 5.3  history
10.  Sandra W. Zdan 672NE 5.0  history
11.  Joan Suddarth 640NE 4.6  history
12.  Raina Gulbrandson 599NE 4.2  history
Average rating: 814
Division 4 (under 596)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Norman Weathers Jr 595IA 8.0  history
2.  Mary Huggins 527IA 7.3  history
3.  Judy Troutman 525NE 7.2  history
4.  Irene Twork 507MI 7.0  history
5.  Bev Chaney 500NE 7.0  history
6.  Jim Goeken 475NE 6.7  history
7.  Randall Seggerman 417NE 6.0  history
8.  Joni Shaw 405NE 5.9  history
9.  Brian R Zdan 380NE 5.6  history
10.  Joe Gonnerman 256NE 4.3  history
11.  Scott Thompson ---NE---  history
12.  Mike Brewer ---NE---  history
Average rating: 459

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