Entrants for March Gladness, Charleston, IL Night Bird
March 11, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: March 11, 2017 11:58:03 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 14 (14 confirmed and 0 tentative)

Number of games: 4

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
Divisional structure/format may be changed as appropriate at director's discretion. The TWL field size may expand up to 18 players. There is still time to register. Daiva Markelis will participate as needed to even the field so there will be no byes.

Division 1
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Tim Fish 1382IN 2.4  history
2.  Penny Sitler 1324IN 2.1  history
3.  Chris Sitler 1313IN 2.1  history
4.  Troy Thompson 1170IN 1.5  history
Average rating: 1297
Division 2
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Jim Bryant 1049IN 2.2  history
2.  Mary Maddox 1003IL 2.1  history
3.  Chuck Jones 981IL 2.0  history
4.  Brian Summers 928MO 1.7  history
Average rating: 990
Division 3
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Angela Vietto 868IL 2.4  history
2.  Lisa Lovelace 853IL 2.3  history
3.  Della Lutz 846IL 2.3  history
4.  Cheryl Hawker 759IL 2.0  history
5.  Tootsie Hamburg 669IL 1.7  history
6.  Cheri Grizzard 577IL 1.3  history
Average rating: 762

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