Entrants for Lake George, NY Early Bird
October 13, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: October 13, 2017 02:11:54 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 54 (37 confirmed and 17 tentative)

Number of games: 5

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

 When Change Player
3 days ago Removed Marlon Hill
3 days ago Added Mireille Huneault
3 days ago Added Ricky Sirois
3 days ago Added Andy Przybylowicz (new player)
3 days ago Added Ed Morrison
3 days ago Added Marina A Villena
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Andrea Hatch
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Jane Marsh
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Marcia Lapierre
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Lorene Forttrell
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Marwan Saadi
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Lauren Werner
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Mad Palazzo
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Paul Avrin
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Chris Kulig
1 week ago Marked 'confirmed' Sal Piro
1 week ago Added Olinga Flisock
1 week ago Added Doris Bourbonnais
1 week ago Added Heather Drumm
1 week ago Added Don Drumm
1 week ago Removed James Krycka
1 week ago Added Brett Constantine
1 week ago Added Chris Kulig
1 week ago Added Andrea Hatch
1 week ago Removed Agnes Kramer
1 week ago Removed Robert Goetz
1 week ago Removed Ruth Brower
2 weeks ago Added Sean Baizana
2 weeks ago Removed Diane Brown
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Jeffrey Nelson
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Ruth Brower
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Marlena Cannon
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Thomas Tremont
2 weeks ago Removed Beth Mix
2 weeks ago Added Tina Cur
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' James Krycka
2 weeks ago Removed Katya Lezin
2 weeks ago Added Sharmaine Farini
2 weeks ago Added Sid Lashley
2 weeks ago Added Trevor Sealy
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Elouise Pearl
2 weeks ago Marked 'confirmed' Ida Ann Shapiro
1 month ago Added Jane Marsh
1 month ago Added Carol Salvino
1 month ago Added Marlena Cannon
1 month ago Added Thomas Tremont
1 month ago Added Lydia Keras
1 month ago Added Colleen Shea
1 month ago Added Andre Popadynec
1 month ago Added Marcela Kadanka
1 month ago Removed Marcela Kadanka
1 month ago Added John Stardom
1 month ago Added Tracy Tabuchi
1 month ago Added Ryan Chepita
1 month ago Added Lauren Werner
1 month ago Added Michael Wolfberg
1 month ago Added Wilma Pitzer
1 month ago Added Julia Bogle
1 month ago Added Anita Rackham
1 month ago Added Barbara Bordwell McGrew
1 month ago Added Ida Ann Shapiro
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Michael Donegan
1 month ago Marked 'confirmed' Susan Blanchard
1 month ago Added James Krycka
1 month ago Added Russell McKinstry
1 month ago Added Susan Blanchard
1 month ago Added Dave Krook
2 months ago Added Katya Lezin
2 months ago Marked 'confirmed' Karl Higby
2 months ago Marked 'confirmed' Portia Zwicker
2 months ago Added Portia Zwicker
2 months ago Added Marcela Kadanka
2 months ago Marked 'confirmed' Carol McDonald
2 months ago Added Sal Piro
2 months ago Added Jeff Cook
2 months ago Added Elouise Pearl
2 months ago Added Karl Higby
2 months ago Added Mad Palazzo
2 months ago Added Diane Brown
2 months ago Added Michael Donegan
2 months ago Marked 'confirmed' Kene Mezue
2 months ago Added Ruth Brower
3 months ago Added Kene Mezue
3 months ago Added Marcia Lapierre
3 months ago Added Lorene Forttrell
3 months ago Added Beth Mix
3 months ago Added Harry Durbin
3 months ago Marked 'confirmed' Andrew Malaby
3 months ago Added Andrew Malaby
3 months ago Added Jeffrey Nelson
3 months ago Added Marlon Hill
3 months ago Added Robert Goetz
3 months ago Added Agnes Kramer
3 months ago Added Paul Avrin
3 months ago Added Carol McDonald
3 months ago Added Marwan Saadi

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