Entrants for Albany, NY
July 1-4, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: June 26, 2017 08:13:08 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 66 (66 confirmed and 0 tentative)

Number of games: 23

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
Division 1 is 1600+, the rest will be even divisions.

There will be an opt-in prize pool for Div A.

Players at the bottom of B and top of C may move up and down until we finalize on the 1st day of the tourney. In addition there are playups that affect the divisions.
Gotta roll with it:)

Gentlemen looking for roommate contact Annette 101ted@nycap.rr.com

Division 1 (1600+)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Will Anderson 2107PA17.3  history
2.  Joey Mallick 2042ME16.3  history
3.  Mack Meller 2012NY15.9  history
4.  Ben Schoenbrun 1942NJ14.7  history
5.  Matt Canik 1876TX13.6  history
6.  Jeremy Hall 1839NY12.9  history
7.  Michael Fagen 1834QC12.8  history
8.  Sal Piro 1803NY12.3  history
9.  Larry Sherman 1743NY11.2  history
10.  Joel Horn 1675MA10.0  history
11.  David Engelhardt 1668MD 9.8  history
12.  Steve Ozorio 1641ON 9.4  history
13.  Wes Eddings 1637MA 9.3  history
14.  Michael Ecsedy 1636CT 9.3  history
15.  Peter Barkman 1634NY 9.2  history
16.  Joanne Cohen 1632MD 9.2  history
17.  Chris Kulig 1624MA 9.1  history
18.  Benjamin Bloom ^1589CT 8.5  history
19.  Mary E Goulet ^1544VA 7.7  history
Average rating: 1762
Division 2 (1355-1599)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Diana Grosman 1544MD13.8  history
2.  Katya Lezin 1539NC13.7  history
3.  Glenn Filzer 1529NJ13.5  history
4.  Judy Horn 1514MA13.2  history
5.  Paul Avrin 1513NY13.2  history
6.  Bob Becker 1494MA12.8  history
7.  Jonathan Kent 1493NY12.8  history
8.  Richard Landau 1480NY12.6  history
9.  Emily Brodeur 1455TN12.1  history
10.  Don Drumm 1451NY12.0  history
11.  Yvonne Lobo 1442ON11.9  history
12.  Lydia Keras 1417ON11.4  history
13.  Linda Oliva 1414MD11.3  history
14.  Anita Rackham 1411QC11.3  history
15.  Marty Fialkow 1410NJ11.3  history
16.  Kaia 1379WV10.7  history
17.  Robert Goetz 1377NY10.6  history
18.  Trevor Sealy 1355ON10.2  history
19.  Steve Sikorski ^1345NY10.0  history
20.  Anna Miransky ^1344ON10.0  history
21.  Julia Bogle ^1299IN 9.2  history
22.  Kevin Gauthier ^1265NY 8.6  history
23.  Marie Puma ^1257NY 8.4  history
Average rating: 1423
Division 3 (under 1355)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Heather Drumm 1341NY16.3  history
2.  Dave Krook 1284ON15.5  history
3.  Hannah Lieberman 1283NC15.5  history
4.  Betzy Collins 1248ON14.9  history
5.  Beth Mix 1227CT14.6  history
6.  Sharmaine Farini 1205ON14.2  history
7.  Joseph Waldbaum 1137MA13.0  history
8.  Terry Aitken 1135ON13.0  history
9.  Marwan Saadi 1134QC13.0  history
10.  Russell McKinstry 1125MA12.8  history
11.  Betsey Wood 1109MA12.6  history
12.  Sid Lashley 1106ON12.5  history
13.  Linda Bianca 1091SC12.2  history
14.  Colleen Shea 1091NY12.2  history
15.  Henry De Young 1082ON12.1  history
16.  Jamie Logan 1047ME11.5  history
17.  Ruth Nabi 1007QC10.8  history
18.  Sophia Ozorio 992ON10.5  history
19.  James Clark 948DE 9.8  history
20.  Les Hipenbecker 871NY 8.6  history
21.  Agnes Kramer 835NY 8.0  history
22.  Diane Sleek 685ME 5.9  history
23.  Lorna Katz 655QC 5.5  history
24.  Christina Damron 44DE 1.0  history
Average rating: 1028
^ = playing up

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