Entrants for Niagara Falls, ON
May 20-22, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: April 22, 2017 08:39:28 AM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 91 (69 confirmed and 22 tentative)

Number of games: 22

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
22 games, HUGE prizes, great times!

Elie Dangoor, chairman of WESPA, has made a generous personal donation of $9000 to the Collins prize pool! Come and join in the fun and give Collins a try - play for the big cash with players from around the world! There will be very generous class prizes in the Collins Open so players of all ratings will have a chance at winning cash.

Total projected prize pools based on current registrations:

Collins Open (based on 110 players): $18000
TWL Open (based on 48 players): $4000
TWL B (based on 36 players): $2000

The Scotiabank Convention Centre is conveniently located to the Fallsview tourist area in Niagara Falls and is walking distance to many hotels, the Fallsview Casino and the Horseshoe Falls themselves. There are hotels of every description and to fit every budget in Niagara Falls, the closest of which are the very nice Marriott hotels right across the street from the venue. Some of the more budget-friendly options in the Fallsview area include the Rodeway, Comfort Inn Fallsview, Best Western Fallsview, Holiday Inn by the Falls, Quality Inn and others. The cost of hotel rooms in this area increases as the date approaches - book your rooms early to avoid disappointment, especially since this is a Canadian long weekend. Many hotels (though not all) in Niagara Falls charge for parking, as does the venue - this is a very busy touristic area. If budget is a serious concern for you, consider carpooling and staying at one of the hotels with free parking (Quality Inn, Holiday Inn, etc) and walking to the venue.

Division 1 (1300+)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Kenji Matsumoto 2037NV17.8  history
2.  Joey Mallick 2033ME17.7  history
3.  Karl Higby 1987NY17.2  history
4.  Jason Li 1977QC17.1  history
5.  Joshua Sokol 1895QC16.1  history
6.  Seth Lipkin *1895MA16.1  history
7.  Jackson Smylie 1854ON15.6  history
8.  Doug Lundquist 1843IL15.5  history
9.  Christopher Sykes 1837ON15.4  history
10.  Steve Grob 1766MI14.4  history
11.  Fern Lindzon 1765ON14.4  history
12.  Craig Rowland 1753ON14.2  history
13.  Maxim Panitch 1730ON13.9  history
14.  Jeff Fiszbein 1718MI13.7  history
15.  Kristiina Overton 1697ON13.4  history
16.  Sal Piro 1695NY13.3  history
17.  Sam Hollington *1690ON13.3  history
18.  Ricky Sirois 1673MA13.0  history
19.  Steve Ozorio *1659ON12.8  history
20.  Ryan Chepita 1620ON12.2  history
21.  Joel Horn 1598MA11.9  history
22.  Wayne Barclay *1589ON11.7  history
23.  Judy Horn 1518MA10.6  history
24.  Cynthia Seales 1514GA10.6  history
25.  Kit Morehead 1513MI10.5  history
26.  Heather McCall *1504ON10.4  history
27.  Harriette Lakernick 1502IL10.4  history
28.  Pete Zeigler *1499OH10.3  history
29.  Edward H Zurav 1490USA10.2  history
30.  David Engelhardt 1483MD10.1  history
31.  Carolyn Easter 1479MI10.0  history
32.  Anita Rackham 1460QC 9.7  history
33.  Crayne Spanier *1459ON 9.7  history
34.  Lila Crotty 1441LA 9.4  history
35.  Lydia Keras 1416ON 9.0  history
36.  Joan Buma 1392ON 8.7  history
37.  Anna Miransky 1391ON 8.7  history
38.  John Lodinsky *1382NY 8.5  history
39.  Marcela Kadanka *1380ON 8.5  history
40.  Trevor Sealy *1366ON 8.3  history
41.  Risa Horowitz 1359CAN 8.2  history
42.  Andre Popadynec *1325ON 7.7  history
43.  Lauren Werner *1318NY 7.6  history
44.  Linda Oliva 1308MD 7.4  history
45.  Andrea Hatch 1308CO 7.4  history
46.  Mad Palazzo 1304ON 7.4  history
47.  Vicki Zimny *1304IL 7.4  history
48.  Lynda Wise ^1246ON 6.6  history
49.  Jeannie J Wilson ^1161CA 5.5  history
50.  Susan Blanchard ^1121WI 5.0  history
51.  Grant Rowland *^1098ON 4.8  history
52.  Carol Robbins ^913ON 3.0  history
Average rating: 1544
Division 2 (under 1300)
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Doris Bourbonnais 1252ON14.7  history
2.  Dianne Wittman 1248NY14.6  history
3.  Josh Greenway 1239ON14.5  history
4.  Dave Krook 1236ON14.4  history
5.  Ella Sobel *1231QC14.4  history
6.  Margaret Wong *1227ON14.3  history
7.  Lindsey Dimmick 1200LA13.9  history
8.  Sharmaine Farini 1198ON13.9  history
9.  Eli Shupak *1174ON13.5  history
10.  Joseph Waldbaum 1159MA13.2  history
11.  Diane Schavone 1148PA13.1  history
12.  Ida Scaglione 1146NY13.0  history
13.  Anne Ladu 1137IA12.9  history
14.  Joan Knobelsdorf *1134FL12.8  history
15.  Tina Cur 1126NY12.7  history
16.  Henry De Young 1111ON12.5  history
17.  Terry Aitken 1109ON12.4  history
18.  Maneck Contractor 1086LA12.0  history
19.  Shubha Kamath *1079NY11.9  history
20.  Jamie Logan 1036ME11.2  history
21.  Jillian Bathgate 1018ON10.9  history
22.  Adele Peltier *1003NY10.7  history
23.  Emily Lichtman 993NY10.5  history
24.  Sophia Ozorio *980ON10.3  history
25.  Constance J. Creech 961MI10.0  history
26.  Sharon Janssen 932ON 9.5  history
27.  Buffy Hogan 932WI 9.5  history
28.  Diane Brown 898ON 9.0  history
29.  Lorraine Lamont 873ON 8.6  history
30.  Ida Ann Shapiro 797NY 7.4  history
31.  Sharon Dalgliesh 740ON 6.6  history
32.  Diane Sleek 701ME 6.1  history
33.  Donald Poulin 683NY 5.8  history
34.  Celia Dayrit Thompson 677FL 5.7  history
35.  Mark Francis 653NY 5.4  history
36.  Jamie Chew *524ON 4.0  history
37.  Gail Wiersema ---ON---  history
38.  Diane Mclaughlin ---MA---  history
39.  Fatemah Manji ---ON---  history
Average rating: 1018
* = tentative
^ = playing up

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