Entrants for The DO Deux, Dallas, TX
March 9-11, 2007

Entrants list last modified: March 08, 2007 12:04:30 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 130 (126 confirmed and 4 tentative)

Number of games: 22

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Division 1
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Dave Wiegand 2082OR  history
2.  Orry Swift 2079TX  history
3.  Brian Cappelletto 2029IL  history
4.  Chris Cree 2013TX  history
5.  Nathan Benedict 1904AZ  history
6.  Jason Katz-Brown 1884JPN  history
7.  Geoff Thevenot 1877IL  history
8.  Jim Geary 1869AZ  history
9.  John O'Laughlin 1864CA  history
10.  Matt Canik 1856TX  history
11.  Chris Lipe 1853MO  history
12.  Paul Holser 1850TX  history
13.  Robin Pollock Daniel 1839ON  history
14.  Mike Baron 1835NM  history
15.  foobar 1819MA  history
16.  Alyssa Faria 1815MA  history
17.  Steve Pellinen 1804MN  history
18.  Sam Dick-Onuoha 1794TX  history
19.  Ben Withers 1789TX  history
20.  Steve Glass 1788FL  history
21.  Darrell Day 1770TX  history
22.  Travis Chaney 1768OR  history
23.  Keith Savage 1753LA  history
24.  Doug Riblet 1752TX  history
25.  Rod MacNeil 1733MA  history
26.  Paul Phillips 1727CO  history
27.  Mark Milan 1722CA  history
28.  Ken Kasney 1711ID  history
29.  Michael Willis 1710TX  history
30.  Sam Kantimathi 1701CA  history
31.  Fran Silver 1681TX  history
32.  Stephen Knapp 1681MI  history
33.  Greg Heidler 1672HI  history
34.  Reid Hattaway 1663ID  history
35.  Wallace Schultz 1654NM  history
36.  Jeff Reeves 1652LA  history
37.  Michael Early 1637TX  history
38.  Thomas Conrad 1632NM  history
39.  Benjamin Bloom 1625CT  history
40.  Kent Nelson *1625UT  history
41.  Lisa Slankard 1621IL  history
42.  Frank Kashuk 1619WA  history
43.  Sheri Justice 1616MO  history
44.  Chris Canik 1613TX  history
45.  William Clark 1612LA  history
46.  Jean McArthur 1608TX  history
47.  Terry Kang Rau 1598NY  history
48.  Kristina Simon 1596TX  history
49.  Paul Mulik 1588MO  history
50.  Carol Kaplan 1582CA  history
51.  Tom Kowalik 1563KY  history
52.  Karen Fishman 1558CT  history
53.  Michael Stevens 1556UT  history
54.  Mike Basler 1543MO  history
55.  Paul Avrin 1542NY  history
56.  Peter Noom 1537NM  history
57.  Sandy Nang 1526CA  history
58.  Kevin Burbridge 1526CA  history
59.  Tijan Jeng 1522MD  history
60.  Martin Weisskopf 1519AL  history
61.  Judy Newhouse 1512TX  history
62.  Helen Joffe 1506LA  history
63.  Harriette Lakernick 1499IL  history
64.  Carol Ravichandran 1495MI  history
65.  Gregg Speicher 1494TX  history
66.  Lila Crotty 1485LA  history
67.  Jill Turney 1483BC  history
68.  Katya Lezin 1480NC  history
69.  Samantha Southard 1469NY  history
70.  James Bahra 1463LA  history
71.  Siri Tillekeratne 1457AB  history
72.  Victor S Torres 1435UT  history
73.  Cheryl Tyler *1433TX  history
74.  Austin Bradley 1415TX  history
75.  Paul Hagelstein 1406TX  history
76.  Wil Dabbs 1385MO  history
77.  Ruben Solis 1378TX  history
78.  Carla Cree 1375TX  history
79.  Jim Hughes 1357TX  history
80.  David Johnson 1356IL  history
81.  Mike Chitwood 1348TX  history
82.  David S Adams 1343TX  history
83.  Robert Gillis 1342AL  history
84.  Marcia Wade 1341IN  history
85.  Tracy Bowman 1338IL  history
86.  Lynda Shayne 1328WA  history
87.  Noah Lieberman 1310NC  history
88.  Cheryl Melvin 1308MI  history
89.  Jacqueline Camper 1304TN  history
90.  Glenda Short 1300OK  history
91.  Karen Moss 1288OK  history
92.  Ellis Wyer 1286CA  history
93.  Peggy Altazan 1279LA  history
94.  Mady Garner 1276TN  history
95.  Maureen Delgado 1263TX  history
96.  Carole Miller 1258CA  history
97.  Mark Gooley 1246FL  history
98.  April McCarley 1240TX  history
99.  William Snoddy 1224NC  history
100.  Charlene White *1223NJ  history
101.  Janet Matheson 1196BC  history
102.  T A Sanders 1180TX  history
103.  Tom O'Rourke 1175GA  history
104.  Pat Sanchez 1158TX  history
105.  Michael Donegan 1158TX  history
106.  Nancy Scott 1153TX  history
107.  Brett Perkins 1151TX  history
108.  Denise Mahnken 1149NY  history
109.  Laura Landsbaum 1127TX  history
110.  Bruce Shuman 1125NC  history
111.  Mary Pastore 1121TX  history
112.  Barbara Epstein 1112NY  history
113.  Woody Chen 1099NY  history
114.  Jeff Jordan 1096TX  history
115.  Lindsay Bahra 1074LA  history
116.  Erica Moore 1065KY  history
117.  Mary Ellen Weisskopf 1058AL  history
118.  Andrew Hime 1022TX  history
119.  Lee Brooks 989TX  history
120.  Phyllis Owen 957TX  history
121.  Ruth Sawyer 947TX  history
122.  Mary Snider 927TX  history
123.  E B Holschuh 921TX  history
124.  Marsha Gillis 883AL  history
125.  Deborah Gaudier 828TX  history
126.  Joy Nees 664TX  history
127.  Avis Topps 470TN  history
128.  Stuart Goldman *---CA  history
129.  Ken Castner ---  history
130.  Jess Mickelson ---  history
Average rating: 1461
* = tentative

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