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#player1 ESD ESD
#player2 CM CM
#note I played this hoping to hook RES on the front. I forgot about the simple S front-hook until later.
>CM: AAM 7F AMA +22 22
#note Note to reader: I'm doing this writeup because it seems to be the easiest way for me to describe the game from my point of view for The Last Word newsletter (at Cornelia's request). I'm definitely not an authority on strategy so I do not claim to have made the right play on any of my turns. I do remember what I was thinking for most of my moves and I've done my best to record my thoughts here.

-Edward De Guzman
>CM: EINV O5 VINE. +27 49
#note I looked for the double-double first and saw SALINITY. I was just hoping she would take the triple line and leave the double-double for me.
>CM: BDIT N6 BID.T +31 80
#note I thought about vowel dumping (like ASEA at 4J) but I didn't like keeping three vowels. I had a decent lead so I thought exchanging wouldn't hurt me too much.
>CM: AOZ L11 AZO +29 109
>ESD: AEFISTX L3 FIX +39 234
#note As I mentioned in the CGP post, I was wishing that this bingo would play on this board. (Of course, it does play at C2 and J1)

So I looked for the best place to play FIX and hoped that I would get a playable bingo next turn.
>CM: AEP M3 APE +35 144
#note I'm not surprised I drew a bingo but again I was wishing that it played on the board. After looking harder, I noticed that it does play at C2! Then I realized that I could have played there the previous turn. I don't get too upset at myself because this will give me a big lead and I'm thinking that missing FIXATES most likely will not cost me the game.
>CM: IKLL 10F KILL +22 166
>ESD: AIOQSTU H10 .OQUAT +75 390
#note I'm feeling great because I draw the third S. Generally I'm not thrilled about drawing the Q but I have a U so I don't feel too bad. Looking at the rack, I'm hoping for an open L for ALIQUOTS. When she makes her play, I see LOQUAT soon after and go with that.
>CM: EGHU N1 HUGE +29 195
#note This is the point where I'm thinking that I'm getting extremely lucky with the draws. I have another great rack. I was happy to see ELATIONS at 14F but when she put the H in the triple line, I saw NEOLITHS instantly. I remember laughing to myself quietly as I put this down because of how lucky I was this game.
>CM: EGNOR 14J GONER +33 228
>ESD: FHIMNRS O12 FISH +49 597
#note I drew the last S! At this point I start thinking about how many points I can get this game--I never had a 600 tournament game at this point. I decided to play for points and dump the S here. I know I wanted to keep the R and hope for an E next draw.
>CM: OORRUU -OORR +0 228
#note I remember Carlynn saying her rack was something like RROOUU
>ESD: DEJMNRW 13K J.W +45 642
#note I remember debating between 13K JOW and 8A RESPRAYED. I settled on JOW because I thought I might still be able to bingo one last time on this board with the leave and both blanks still out. I was hoping that she didn't know or didn't have the letters for RESPRAYED.
>CM: W J1 .W +13 241
>ESD: ADEMNRR 8A RE....... +45 687
#note I didn't see any bingos so I quickly decided to play 8A RESPRAYED which opened up the board a bit more for an outbingo. I thought there was an outside chance she would challenge.
>CM: ?BEIRTU D8 .REBUIlT +74 315
>ESD: ?ACDMNR 4B C.RDAMoN +74 761
#note I'm still not thinking of the score or the record. I saw 3B ROMANCED and 4B CARDAMON. At this point, I was hoping that she wouldn't block those lines. When she didn't block it, I went for points with CARDAMON, even though I wasn't 100% on it.
>ESD: (OOORU) +10 771
#note She challenges the outbingo and as we're walking back from the challenge computer I realize I broke 700. I still didn't know I broke the record until I saw what was on her rack.

Player 2
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