Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Andrea Andrea
#player2 JD JD
>Andrea: EIJKOR 8D JOKIER +50 50
>JD: ?ADEGOV 7H DOGVAnE +68 68
#note I didn't realize OVERAGE takes a D.
>Andrea: AANN 8L NANA +21 71
>JD: AIOOTVW 6N WO +27 95
>Andrea: ?ACCDEI O8 .CADEmIC +89 160
#note Nice find!
>JD: AIIORTV 9C TORI +22 117
#note 11J VIROI(D) would have been nice. Should have worked harder to dump the V.
>Andrea: ABF N10 FAB +36 196
>JD: AIQTUXY 10B QAT +44 161
#note E8 (OR)YX is rated higher, didn't consider that.
>Andrea: ERT D8 ...TER +26 222
>JD: BHIIUXY 9I BI +15 176
#note Weak move. 13C B(R)UX would have been nicer here.
>Andrea: ELLU B10 .UELL +28 250
>JD: HIRUWXY 10G WRY +18 194
#note WRY doesn't rate well with Quackle, but not sure I had great choices.
>Andrea: HNORY M11 HORNY +34 284
>JD: AEHIIUX E11 AX +31 225
>Andrea: IP F6 PI.. +16 300
>Andrea: FO 6H OF +22 322
>JD: AEEEEGS H10 .AGEES +27 252
>Andrea: HNSTU 15B SHUNT +24 346
>JD: DEEM L12 DEEM +48 300
>Andrea: DEU 13B .U.ED +22 368
>JD: GIZ K9 ZIG +40 340
>Andrea: AIMN J11 AMIN +11 379
>JD: IOPRSTU G4 PRO +14 354
#note Quackle shows 12H (G)U(M), hard to see the value. Pro is a hail mary!
>Andrea: EEILLSV H1 VILE +29 408
#note Was hoping for an opening like this one.
#note Lucky me
>JD: (ELS) +6 422
Player 2
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