Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Joe Joe
#player2 Mack Mack
>Joe: PUY 8G YUP +16 16
>Mack: AEEIORT I7 O.E +7 7
>Joe: IS 10H IS +8 24
>Mack: AEIIRTW 6F WAIR +22 29
#note Chosen over WAIT to not give back the A hook
>Joe: AEINRRS 11B SIERRAN +66 90
>Mack: EILMOST 5G MOTILES +82 111
>Joe: CNOOR 7C CROON +26 116
>Mack: ABDDFJN L2 JAD.D +28 139
>Joe: RTUV D10 V.RTU +16 132
>Mack: ABEFGNV 3I VEG.N +26 165
#note FAUVE seemed too risky - Joe may very well not even have an S after VERTU
>Joe: EEHR H10 ..HERE +39 171
>Mack: ?ABEFKP G13 FAB +27 192
>Joe: DEZ I13 ZED +57 228
>Mack: ?BEKNPQ 10G B..K +24 216
#note Sims surprisingly close with burning the blank with BISQuE.
>Joe: MOSUY 15A MOUSY +43 271
>Mack: ??EHNPQ C3 QuEN.H +38 254
#note Now with both blanks burning one is clearly correct
>Joe: AW 14A AW +24 295
>Mack: ?IILPTU D2 TIP +27 281
>Joe: AG 2L .AG +24 319
>Mack: ?EEILOU 6L .OE +8 289
#note I really struggled with this turn, missed K5 LOUIE which is probably better. That way, if Joe uses column O, I can bingo on column L, and if he blocks column L I can use column O. If Joe doesn't have the G, though, DOE looks very strong, as it's really hard for him to block without giving something else back. I think a lot of it comes down to how likely Joe is to have the other G after JAG. I think there's a decent enough chance he didn't have it - after all, he is barely ahead, and JAG may have scored much more than anything else he had available. So DOE probably isn't so bad as it may seem.
>Joe: GILT O2 GILT +19 338
>Mack: ?EILNOU K7 ELUsION +72 361
>Joe: CIOT 8K .OTIC +24 362
>Mack: ADEEFIT L12 FEED +32 393
#note B8 ETAS is sick. Don't think I would have risked it anyway with the tournament on the line though as spread was totally irrelevant.
>Joe: AALNX 2D .AXA +27 389
>Mack: AIT 15L .ITA +15 408
>Mack: (LN) +4 412
Player 2
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