Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Mack Mack
#player2 Josh Josh
>Mack: AILORTY H6 ORALITY +78 78
>Josh: BCDELU 6D BECL.UD +22 22
>Mack: ANOOUVW 5J AVOW +23 101
#note Not playing UNWOVE at this score
>Josh: AMTT 4L MATT +27 49
>Mack: EGNNOUU 3K GENU +29 130
#note I saw UNYOUNG, but wanted to block the T and also the possibility for a 40+ point play from 3I-3M.
>Josh: CNNRU E2 CUNN.R +16 65
>Mack: AEJNOUW 2A JOUN.E +34 164
>Josh: BMOO 1F BOOM +28 93
>Mack: AAEGOWX O4 .OWAGE +30 194
#note Wanted as much turnover as possible with ??SSSS out, and keeping AX is not bad as I should have an H2 play wors case next turn
>Josh: DIQ C1 Q.ID +28 121
>Mack: ?AHPSVX 2H PAX +36 230
>Josh: EFY 3G FEY +34 155
>Mack: ?HHSSTV 2M SHH +37 267
>Josh: ADDEENT 10D DETA.NED +64 219
>Mack: ?ISTTVZ K10 .ITZ +28 295
>Josh: I 1C .I +15 234
>Mack: ?ELNSTV 8A VENTS +36 331
#note No bingo plays, but even if I had one from N9 I think I'd play this instead after a play like QI.
>Josh: ?EEIILR N9 RELIEvI +68 302
>Josh: ?EEIILR -- -68 234
>Mack: ?EEGLOR A6 LE.OGyRE +62 393
#note Saw fORELEG and aEROGEL, but chose this to block his bingos through the V.
>Josh: ?EEIILR B13 LEI +8 242
>Mack: AFIIKPR 15A P.KI +33 426
>Josh: O O1 O. +15 257
>Mack: AAAFIIR A1 A.AR +36 462
#note ZARF is 10 better.
>Josh: ?EIRRSS N8 aRRISES +70 327
>Josh: (AFII) +14 341
Player 2
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