Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Matthew Matthew
#player2 Mack Mack
>Matthew: EKX 8G KEX +28 28
>Mack: EEEELRW 7H WEEL +23 23
>Matthew: ADGJ J3 GADJ. +30 58
>Mack: AEEIORR 8K AERIE +20 43
>Matthew: DIRY 4H DI.RY +22 80
>Mack: ALNNOOR 9D LORAN +19 62
>Matthew: EHIRSTU 3B HIRSUTE +75 155
>Mack: CENNOOO B1 OC.ONE +26 88
>Matthew: AEU D2 U.EA +8 163
>Mack: ?BCDDNO A6 BOND +25 113
>Matthew: ?EEFNNS N7 F.NENEsS +74 237
>Mack: ?ACDETW 1A C.W +24 137
>Matthew: HI E5 HI +20 257
>Mack: ?ADESTZ 10H DAZE +42 179
#note First major tough call of the game, DAZE or B9 AZoTED. Ultimately decided on this since it sets up WENDS nicely and I get back into the game if I can bingo next turn. After AZoTED, I'm still down 50 and a tempo and my S isn't very useful, and my comeback prospects seemed less promising.
>Matthew: IPQTTUV 13L QI. +22 279
>Mack: ?OOSTTT 11B TaTTOOS +71 250
>Matthew: EORU L11 RO.UE +30 309
>Mack: AGMPRVY 15H GARV.Y +39 289
>Matthew: FI F5 IF +32 341
>Mack: AABLMPT 2F MAP +31 320
#note As scary as this looks, I feel like it's my best shot - a play like 3J GAMP leaves me down 25 and a tempo with not much scoring potential with ALPT, and I can't really see winning from there. MAP is certainly scary, but I could see Matt having something like IIGNT after IF and not having one of the hooks for PED. And if he doesn't have a hook, either I score 40-50 next turn, easily enough to get back in it, or he has to block for like 5 and leave me another turn to catch up.
>Matthew: GOV 1G VOG +48 389
>Mack: ABILLTU 3L BULL +19 339
#note Can't win here.
>Matthew: AIMNPST O1 PA.M +33 422
>Mack: AIIT 7C AIT +10 349
>Matthew: INST D11 .INTS +12 434
>Matthew: (I) +2 436
Player 2
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