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Player 1
#player1 Mack Mack
#player2 Josh Josh
>Mack: AHIQRUY H4 HAIRY +30 30
#note Liked this over QUAY for scoring potential next turn
>Josh: AGH 5H .GHA +16 16
>Mack: ABIQSUV L1 QUAIS +57 87
>Josh: INU 1L .UIN +39 55
>Mack: ABEMPVW 8D VAMP. +19 106
#note Didn't want to give up the S hook with 3K VAMP with a slight lead
>Josh: DFN 2K F.ND +24 79
>Mack: BBDELWX E7 W.BBLED +30 136
>Josh: CIIV 12A CIVI. +26 105
>Mack: LLMORUX A12 .RUX +39 175
>Josh: EO C12 .OE +12 117
>Mack: DILLMOR 6F ID.OM +32 207
>Josh: EE 9E .EE +15 132
>Mack: AKLLRTT 10G TALK +23 230
>Josh: CEEIRSS 13E .ESCRIES +63 195
>Mack: GILORTU L8 GLOUT. +18 248
#note Lots of comparable options here, this looks fine
>Josh: DJO 11K J.DO +24 219
>Mack: EINOORT 8J OR.ONE +21 269
#note JUDO was not a good sign, he definitely has at least one of ??S and very likely two. I need to block, but there doesn't seem to be a good reason to keep a better leave with GOON - going for whatever of ??S he doesn't have and scoring tiles, especially the Z, is much more important.
>Josh: ?AAENST 15C SEAwANT +78 297
>Mack: EEEGIRT N10 G.ITER +22 291
#note Awkward position here, figured my best shot was to play GOITER and hope somehow Josh couldn't effectively use the hotspot or that he could and I draw ?N for H1 hENEQUIN or ?AR for H1 RAmEQUIN. Other options I considered were G2 GEE and 12J GET, both of which seemed pretty unpromising - after GEE, Josh seems way too likely to have an A or O for row 1, and after GET I'm left with basically nothing after Josh plays down from N10. Champ suggests 9L LEET, but that doesn't look so good either... tough call.
>Josh: AFZ 15L ZA.F +78 375
>Mack: EEILRTY 7M YE +20 311
#note Hoping for AEROLITH
>Josh: OTW 5D TWO +14 389
>Mack: ?EILNRT O7 R.LIsT +30 341
>Josh: AENOP 4A PANE +22 411
>Mack: EN 3C EN +11 352
>Mack: (O) +2 354
Player 2
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