Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Joey Joey
#player2 Mack Mack
>Joey: GHI 8F GHI +14 14
>Mack: GNOORST I2 TROGONS +68 68
>Joey: BDIV 4H B.VID +28 42
>Mack: AAEEOOR 7F AEO. +16 84
>Joey: ?IINPSU 2E PUNI.IeS +63 105
>Joey: ?IINPSU -- -63 42
>Mack: AEEFLOR H1 FEE. +31 115
#note Taking a small equity loss over 5K FOE to block 2B SINcIPUT.
>Joey: ?IINPSU 3K PIU +17 59
>Mack: ADELMOR K1 RA..D +16 131
#note Taking a big equity loss over 6D DOM, but I know Joey has INS? so it seems warranted. This makes it nearly impossible for him to bingo unless he has a nine or an unlikely overlap from 6A.
>Joey: ??INSTY 6A STrINgY +72 131
>Mack: EILMOOZ A6 .IZE +39 170
>Joey: AW J4 .AW +35 166
>Mack: CGLMOOU 1J O.MOLU +33 203
>Joey: EEIJ B2 EEJI. +24 190
>Mack: CEGHKUV E1 KUCHE. +30 233
>Joey: ABF A1 FAB +30 220
>Mack: EEGIOQV 9C GIVE +14 247
#note Blocking the easiest bingo lane and setting up QI for next turn to block even more
>Joey: AAMNOOT C3 NO +23 243
>Mack: DEEOQRT D8 Q. +21 268
>Joey: INY E9 .INY +20 263
>Mack: DEENORT D11 EON +18 286
#note I thought Joey probably had an L for VINYL (turns out he didn't) so blocking the hook seems important. I missed EN(GAGE)D though, that may be too many points to pass up.
>Joey: ACPR C12 CARP +28 291
>Mack: ADELRRT O1 .LTRARED +80 366
>Joey: ILTW N7 WILT +17 308
>Mack: AAAMTTX 15A MA. +21 387
#note I could lose narrowly if Joey bingos with WILTS and draws an S for JOSH, but it's unlikely and I can't do much about it anyway. I have to block the P, and emptying the bag only makes it more likely I'll lose to an outbingo.
>Joey: ENORSSU 4B ..S. +28 336
>Mack: AADLTTX 2D T.X +26 413
#note LUX is 3 better so I don't give back NUKE.
>Joey: EENORSU 1C NU.E +21 357
>Mack: AADLT 10A DA +20 433
#note M6 TALA. I was running out of time.
>Joey: EORS M6 SORE +20 377
>Joey: (ALT) +6 383
Player 2
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