Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Mack Mack
#player2 Matthew Matthew
>Mack: ?ELQRTX H7 LEX +20 20
#note Should've exchanged LQX. Played LEX very quickly without giving it too much thought, definitely a mistake.
>Matthew: FIMR 6G FIRM +26 26
>Mack: ?EIQRTV 5F QI +16 36
>Matthew: AJT G8 TAJ +23 49
>Mack: ?AERTUV 5I oUTRAVE +73 109
>Matthew: EIPTW O4 P.EWIT +42 91
>Mack: EEIMORS I9 EMO +17 126
>Matthew: HILRW H11 WHIRL +50 141
>Mack: AEIORSZ 15F SO.ARIZE +77 203
>Matthew: EGG 4H EGG +15 156
>Mack: DEINNNN N11 INNED +31 234
>Matthew: BOY J10 YOB +37 193
>Mack: ADGHNNO 3C HAGDON +26 260
#note Close with K11 DON, but I liked the turnover here with a lead
>Matthew: EFS 10M EFS +44 237
>Mack: AELNNOO K11 LOO +24 284
>Matthew: ?ABCOTT D2 C.TBOATs +74 311
>Mack: ADENNNU 14A DUENNA +22 306
#note Not ideal, but there aren't really any better options. I saw 8B UNTENTED, but it's too large a point sacrifice.
>Matthew: AKRY L10 KYAR +56 367
#note Eek, nice play
>Mack: CEINRSV A9 CERVI.S +51 357
#note Pretty much have to play this and hope Matt has major vowel trouble and doesn't draw an out on his next turn.
>Matthew: AAEEIOU L4 U.AEI +12 379
#note Actual rack. I got one of two things I needed - Matt to have vowel trouble - but not the second, since he drew the L for multiple outs.
>Mack: DINPSTU M1 UPST.ND +33 390
#note Best.
>Matthew: AELO 2F ALOE +16 395
>Matthew: (I) +2 397
Player 2
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