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Player 1
#player1 Debbie Debbie
#player2 Mack Mack
>Debbie: AAELNNS 8C ANNEALS +66 66
>Mack: AAEIIIR -AAIII +0 0
#note Didn't want to block my best lines with AALII
>Debbie: JM C7 J.M +23 89
>Mack: EINORRT F3 REORI.NT +62 62
>Debbie: ALTUV I3 VAULT. +14 103
>Mack: EILNRTW 4H W.ILER +26 88
#note Or WINTLE A4, but this opens more
>Debbie: INOOT D3 NOTIO. +21 124
>Mack: AEILNOT M3 O.IENTAL +70 158
>Debbie: OYZ 6K OY.Z +36 160
>Mack: AGKMSUU C2 KAGU +27 185
>Debbie: AG 8M .AG +12 172
>Mack: CDIMSSU 11D MUSCIDS +83 268
>Debbie: ?ADEEHI B9 HEADIEr +81 253
>Mack: EEEGHIO A13 HOE +28 296
>Debbie: OPRY A8 ROPY +44 297
>Mack: EEEFFGI 10H GEE +16 312
#note Weird play. This seemed best, blocks column H and EIFF has decent scoring potential. Turns out Debbie would've played H10 PIQUED for 84 had I not blocked...
>Debbie: DQU 9K QU.D +17 314
>Mack: EEFFITW H10 ..FTEE +42 354
#note I'm not up enough that I can not risk opening, this is too many points
>Debbie: CO D11 .OC +14 328
>Mack: FIIIPVW 14F VI.W +18 372
>Debbie: BR 3M .RB +5 333
>Mack: ABDFIIP G13 A.D +11 383
#note Debbie clearly didn't have the X after ORB, so there is a 1/3 chance she has it now. If I play something like O1 FIB, I'll win 2/3 of the time, since if I draw the X she bingos out with 13H TAUNTERS or TARTNESS. AID stops her from bingoing and puts be up 50 with O1 FIB and G7 FA available, and 7I TIX if I draw the X, which seemed like it would be enough, especially since Debbie was low on time. Even if a win exists for her if she has the X (which I didn't find, and I was bascially certain she couldn't win without the X), it would be very complicated and hard for her to find in the remaing time she had. Champ does not find any wins for Debbie with any possible rack she could have from my point of view after AID - her best case scenario seems to be losing by 1 with AERSTX?.
>Debbie: ?AENRST O7 A.S +19 352
#note The best Debbie can do is O1 RaBAT saving J10 ESNES, losing by 6.
>Mack: BFIIPX 7I .IX +19 402
>Debbie: ?ENRT 12J TERNs +11 363
#note Debbie lost 10 points for overtime.
>Debbie: (BFIP) +22 385
Player 2
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