Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Mack Mack
#player2 Jackson Jackson
>Mack: AADEQRV -AQV +0 0
>Jackson: IIIIII -IIIIII +0 0
>Mack: ?ADEINR H6 cAIRNED +68 68
>Jackson: DEIIRST 11E SID.RITE +86 86
>Mack: AAEINOU G9 AU.IO +16 84
>Jackson: AEPRU 10J PAREU +29 115
>Mack: ADEGHNV 12L VANG +32 116
#note Seemed slightly better than HAVERED to maximize scoring potential for the next turn or two
>Jackson: EY 13M YE +22 137
>Mack: BDEEHOO F9 OB. +25 141
#note Missed O12 GHEE, that looks a bit better
>Jackson: EEGNT 14J GENET +32 169
>Mack: DEEHKOT 15G KETO +27 168
>Jackson: JW 7G J.W +25 194
>Mack: DDEHIIT M7 HID. +14 182
#note Don't have much of a choice here
>Jackson: AOSTU L4 AUTOS +20 214
>Mack: CDEINPT 8J IN..DE +21 203
#note I know Jackson has an S after AUTOS, so needed to block the PAREUS hook, hence not K5 NIP. Felt after 5K CUPID he would too often play for 30 and take a 40 point lead on a dead board, whereas the O column here could be very useful for me in the long run.
>Jackson: ?EILSTZ E3 bLITZES +84 298
>Mack: ACCIPTW 8A TWIC. +39 242
>Jackson: ENO 9A EON +14 312
>Mack: AACPRRY 4D C.ARY +28 270
>Jackson: HMOR 5I MOH.R +20 332
>Mack: AAEFIPR 6H .AF +34 304
>Jackson: OOV N6 VO.O. +26 358
>Mack: AEILNPR H1 PLA. +27 331
#note Going for a nine on column A, since Jackson will presumably block up top
>Jackson: AEGLLSX 2H .EX +26 384
>Mack: EFINQRS 12D QI +24 355
>Jackson: ABGLLMU 3H .LUM +19 403
>Mack: EFNRS 6B FRE.S +18 373
#note Just FRET is 5 better to save O7 ENS
>Jackson: ABGL 13I GAB +16 419
>Mack: N B8 ..N +8 381
>Mack: (L) +2 383
Player 2
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