Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Matthew Matthew
#player2 Mack Mack
>Matthew: ?AEEGNO 8G pEONAGE +68 68
>Mack: EELMUUV K4 UVUL.E +18 18
>Matthew: IPZ L2 ZIP +36 104
>Mack: EIKMORW 2L .EK +32 50
#note Considered this and 7F WORMIL, didn't want to block all of the floaters though so chose this
>Matthew: AOW 7H AWO. +24 128
>Mack: IMNORRW L8 .ROWN +20 70
>Matthew: HLMY 6J M.HLY +38 166
>Mack: ACIMORT 12H ROMA.TIC +66 136
>Matthew: ABNR N10 BA.RN +26 192
>Mack: AEEIJLU O7 AJEE +37 173
>Matthew: DINOU H10 DU.ION +21 213
>Mack: HIILOUY J10 HO.ILY +24 197
>Matthew: EFST 15L FEST +41 254
>Mack: ABDDITU J2 BUD +18 215
#note Saw G12 BAD, but didn't want to block the N, and also wanted to get rid of the U
>Matthew: PST O1 PST +32 286
>Mack: AADFIIT 6E FIAT +12 227
#note As bad as this is, there isn't really much else. I briefly entertained the idea of fishing off the D and going for an N for INTIFA(D)A(H), but it's too unlikely and Matt is too likely to block.
>Matthew: AELNTT E6 .LATTEN +20 306
>Mack: ADDGISV 12A DIVA. +22 249
#note Or D12 AVID, but it looks bleak either way
>Matthew: EGIIRR A8 RIGI.ER +27 333
>Mack: DGIRSSX F12 SIX +36 285
#note Didn't see any point to M1 XED since Matt will block anything I draw on column B. I thought this gave me a very very outside shot at drawing something like AE? and forcing Matt to block column B for little and winning by Q-sticking him.
>Matthew: ?AEENOQ B5 QuEEN +17 350
>Mack: CDEGORS M1 G.DS +25 310
#note CEDE is 4 better
>Matthew: AO C11 O.A +12 362
>Matthew: (CEOR) +12 374
Player 2
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