Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Mack Mack
#player2 Joe Joe
>Mack: BENOTWX H7 BOX +24 24
>Joe: AMU I7 AMU +26 26
>Mack: DELNTWZ J4 LEWD +22 46
>Joe: CEEOU 4G COU.EE +18 44
>Mack: AINORTZ H1 ORZ. +39 85
>Joe: EIOO 2F OO.IE +9 53
>Mack: AIIMNRT 1J MARTIN +31 116
>Joe: ?ADIRUY 10G DYsURIA +83 136
>Mack: AEEINPT 3K APE +16 132
>Joe: HPTW L8 WH.PT +34 170
>Mack: DEGINTT 1A TINGED +33 165
>Joe: AEFILNS N4 FINALES +77 247
>Mack: EEIRRST M12 ER +6 171
>Joe: AEFKY 14J FAKEY +49 296
>Mack: BEGIRST M5 GIB +21 192
>Joe: HNO O7 NOH +34 330
>Mack: ELRRSST -LRST +0 192
#note Not much else to do here
>Joe: CIILNSV K13 V.C +8 338
>Mack: AADERSS 15H ARE.A +36 228
>Joe: JOT 14F JOT +28 366
>Mack: DENRSSU B1 .NSUREDS +72 300
>Joe: I 8A I. +6 372
>Mack: ?AEINTV D1 .rIEVANT +74 374
#note This is my only shot to win, and wins 3/8 of the time. If I play INAcTIVE I always lose - if I draw the Q I'm stuck, and if Joe has the Q he's guaranteed to have a 46 point play at 4A and I'll lose. There's no point to playing off the V with 6L VIN since either Joe plays the Q at 4A and outruns me or I draw the Q and Joe blocks 11A ANTIQUE/QUINATE with something like G10 DOG. But with GrIEVANT Joe will be stuck with the Q if he doesn't have 4A QUIET, so I win if I or T is in the bag. But I also win if the S is in the bag, since ORZOS wins by 2 after QUIET in that case.
>Joe: GILOQST 4A Q.I.T +24 396
>Mack: L F1 ..L +4 378
>Mack: (SGLO) +10 388
Player 2
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