Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Jason Jason
#player2 Mack Mack
>Jason: II -II +0 0
>Mack: EEEHMST H7 HEME +18 18
>Jason: AA G7 AA +11 11
>Mack: BDEKNST 10F KN.ED +24 42
#note Or 6E DEBT
>Jason: BEINNRS F2 BINNERS +76 87
>Jason: BEINNRS -- -76 11
>Mack: BOOSTUW 6H TOW +24 66
>Jason: BEINNRS K4 BIN +17 28
>Mack: ABEOSUU 11D BEAUS +33 99
>Jason: ?ENRRSY F2 YaRNERS +78 106
>Mack: ?FIJOUV L1 FUJI +44 143
>Jason: AORX D11 .ORAX +44 150
>Mack: ?EIOPQV 2J EQ.IP +36 179
>Jason: AOZ C13 AZO +48 198
>Mack: ?CIORTV 3C TOV.RICh +81 260
>Jason: DILR 14A LI..RD +40 238
>Mack: EFPRUVY A10 PURF.E +36 296
>Jason: AEGSU O1 USAGE +41 279
>Mack: CEHMVWY 1G WYCH +50 346
>Jason: EIN E3 .EIN +22 301
>Mack: DELMOTV 4B VOM.. +30 376
>Jason: ADEG 15F AGED +21 322
>Mack: DEILOTT B6 TOILET +18 394
#note Tough call here - champ likes this best. A number of us discussed this after the fact and the overall consensus was that 9H MOILED was probably best. If Jason bingos on row 14, I might be able to outscore him with a row 8 play. And if Jason fishes with M2 ION, I can probably block all his bingos with a row 14 play. The problem for me is that there are no scoring tiles, so it may be hard for me to outscore Jason if he bingos and draws an out. M2 ION is also a very significant threat in this position, since if he plays that and bingos I lose basically all the time. The benefit of TOILET is that it leaves 2 in the bag, so basically forces Jason to play ION and draw an outbingo in two spots. If he bingos immediately, I should outrun him especially with the D and the 8A spot in hand, so I force the issue by making him fish now AND hit the bingos next turn. Tough call, but I think it's pretty close between TOILET and MOILED.
>Jason: EINOOST M2 .ON +29 351
#note Actual rack - Jason correctly realizes he is much more likely to win my playing ION and drawing an outbingo in both spots than by outrinning me in the endgame after TOONIES.
>Mack: AADGILL 14I ALGID +12 406
#note Best, but still falls short
>Jason: EINOSTT N5 TONIEST +63 414
>Jason: (LA) +4 418
Player 2
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