Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Mack Mack
#player2 Richard Richard
>Mack: ?BEEHOS H3 pHOEBES +80 80
>Richard: IIIIIII -IIIIIII +0 0
>Mack: FGIMTUV 5G V.MIT +20 100
#note OVUM is slightly better. This does set up the F nicely though.
>Richard: DIINORT G8 DINITRO +66 66
>Mack: DEFGOUW L4 WODGE +33 133
>Richard: CINR 11D RIC.N +14 80
>Mack: AFGRTUY D8 FUR.Y +30 163
#note Missed D10 ARGUFY
>Richard: DDO 8L .DDO +18 98
>Mack: ACGKNOT 14B OCTAG.N +28 191
#note Chose this over 10B CORK to keep better scoring potential and end the game faster
>Richard: AAEINST 13G .ATANIES +70 168
>Mack: AAHKRVY 15H YARAK +69 260
>Richard: EEEEEE -EEEEEE +0 168
>Mack: EHIOPVW 12L PHEW +47 307
>Richard: IQ 15A QI +35 203
>Mack: AILOSUV E4 VOILA +21 328
>Richard: ?ABEIMR O3 BIRAM.sE +62 265
>Mack: AENOSTU N7 U.O +9 337
#note Blocking the Z bomb and going for a bingo through the I. DUO is two more but still allows LEZ, which is fairly likely with EEEEELLLZ left, so once I'm blocking the Z bomb I may as well just block it entirely.
>Richard: ELPX J4 P.XEL +30 295
>Mack: AENSTUZ J10 ZET. +33 370
#note Keeping the A for plays at K9 next turn
>Richard: FLU 8A LUF.. +33 328
>Mack: ANRSSTU A8 .UN +3 373
#note There are no possible bingos for Richard, but I blocked just to be sure
>Richard: AEEEJLO B6 JE. +26 354
>Mack: AGORSST M3 GOS +25 398
#note M5 SORDS is best. Was already overtime so slapped this down quickly.
>Richard: AEEEILN K10 AL +19 373
>Mack: ARST C12 AR.S +29 427
>Richard: EEEIN K5 .EN +18 391
>Mack: T M11 T.. +6 433
#note -10 to me for overtime, final score 429-391.
>Mack: (EEI) +6 439
Player 2
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