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Player 1
#player1 Jack Jack
#player2 Jerry_Lerman Jerry Lerman
>Jack: ?GHNTVY 8H NTH +12 12
#note Damb I just totally didn't see THY.
>Jerry_Lerman: EILOO 9G LOOIE +17 17
>Jack: ?AEGVWY 10F VAW +25 37
#note 10H WYE...
>Jerry_Lerman: AEGJTU 7C JUGATE +30 47
>Jack: ?BBEGPY 7J GYBE +18 55
#note Q hates this. Not a good start to this game! (U)PBY sims best and (E)BB.
>Jerry_Lerman: ELU 8M LEU +11 58
>Jack: ?BEIMPX D4 MIX.P +38 93
#note PIX 8D.
>Jerry_Lerman: DOR 8A DRO. +30 88
>Jack: ?BDEEIO B8 .EBODIEs +82 175
#note i saw (R)EBODIEs but not rEBODIE(D) :(
>Jerry_Lerman: AA A14 AA +11 99
>Jack: ?ELNTVZ F6 Z. +31 206
#note First correct play. Glad I really earned.
>Jerry_Lerman: ADEIPRS O8 .PRAISED +86 185
#note disprea(d) for 95
>Jack: ?ELNQTV E3 VET +20 226
#note I guess I won't even explain my reasoning because I'm so, so off. Q hates this. Play off the Q or exch LQV.
>Jerry_Lerman: HILRS 14J HIRSL. +34 219
>Jack: ?ACLNQR 15H CLAN +25 251
>Jerry_Lerman: IRTTY M3 TRIT..Y +28 247
>Jack: ?EEGKQR L1 GREEK +36 287
>Jerry_Lerman: ADF N5 FAD. +36 283
>Jack: ?EFINQU O1 QUINs +52 339
#note With 2 Ss out, I trust myself more to win more if I play QUINs than playing C12 EF. but C12 EF wins the sim by a lot and QUINs is -5%. Jerry said later he would have had SNOWS.
>Jerry_Lerman: NSUW 1H SWUN. +27 310
>Jack: ACEFIMT 13I CAF +23 362
#note the only bingo in the pool that could come after blocking this lane would be INSNARE(D) if OOOO is in the bag haha. CP seems to be messing up here because it says I have 100% if I play CAFE even though it would empty the bag. A many ply sim has CAF first by a lot but it would still lose to INSNARE(D) by 12 pts.
>Jerry_Lerman: INNOORS 2N N. +4 314
>Jack: AEIMOOT 2G TOOM +29 391
#note If he blocks I(D)EA, then TOOM is not good because it only allows one out in two. Best sequence is MOO(L)A N11 -> (SNORE 11H) -> E(D)IT 12A.
>Jerry_Lerman: EINOORS L10 RISE. +19 333
#note low on time
>Jack: AEI 12A I.EA +12 403
>Jack: (NOO) +6 409
#note By far my poorest game of the day.
Player 2
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