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Player 1
#player1 Leesa_Berahovich Leesa Berahovich
#player2 Jack Jack
>Leesa_Berahovich: FGILN 8D FLING +26 26
>Jack: AGHLNOU D8 .UNGO +18 18
#note -1.3% behind (F)AUGH, which i didn't consider.
>Leesa_Berahovich: COW E5 COW. +18 44
>Jack: AEHILLS F6 HE.L +33 51
#note Missed (C)HALLIES and SHI(G)ELLA, two sweet words that I didn't know. Words of note: CHALLAS, CHILLIS, CHALLIS, CHARLIES, CHILLIES, CHALLIE, CHALLY, HELICAL, etc. And SHIGELLAE, SHIGELLAS.
>Leesa_Berahovich: UV 11D .UV +14 58
>Jack: AEIKLSU H6 KA.U +9 60
#note This barely makes the static list of plays, but it sims fine, second best to AUK 7H. I was thinking she must be close to bingoing after COW(L) and (G)UV so I liked KA(G)U for defensive purposes.
>Leesa_Berahovich: CLT 12B CL.T +8 66
>Jack: ADEILQS 4A QAIDS +60 120
>Leesa_Berahovich: ?DEEMNR B2 ME.NDERs +78 144
>Jack: EEHILNO A7 HOE +30 150
>Leesa_Berahovich: ARW I5 RAW +25 169
>Jack: EILNORS J7 NEROLIS +65 215
>Leesa_Berahovich: AAI 5I .AIA +8 177
>Jack: EGIIOTT L4 G.IT +10 225
#note 2.2 valuation points worse than the worst static play, heh, but it sims second best to EGOTI(S)T. I thought of EGOTI(S)T but I think I remember thinking that the I would be placed at 13H. I liked that G(A)IT disrupted a little bit of a lot. -2%
>Leesa_Berahovich: ABJ I10 JAB +27 204
>Jack: ?EIIORT M6 dIORITE +62 287
>Leesa_Berahovich: EEY K9 EYE +33 237
>Jack: BEFNNOT N10 FONT +32 319
#note Don't do it!! BONNE sims best, this is a close second. 89% to win, -2.5% :/
>Leesa_Berahovich: AIOPRST O5 AIRPOST +86 323
#note Yeesh. BONNE would have given S(E)PTORIA, but... that would have been more easily outrun-able.
>Jack: BENORUY H11 BONEY +45 364
#note In retrospect I really like BURY as I hold the case O and I block plays like her next play. CP favors it. That would still her potential things like DITZ(Y), though. CP also likes BORNE above BONEY keeping YU, probably for L12 if she doesn't take it.
>Leesa_Berahovich: APSZ L12 SPAZ +56 379
#note When she laid this, there was that moment where I am writing her score and tracking and I'm thinking... if I have something to the triple I'm okay. if not, I'm in trouble. There aren't that many things I could have though. ZETA, ZEDA, AZURE, MAZIER, RAZEED, probably more actually. But the AIRPOST -> SPAZ + no Z* response + no X was an unfortunate sequence of events. This game was definitely winnable.
>Jack: DEEIRTU C1 RET.E +20 384
#note Almost... . Best sequence is M2 TUI (she follows with MAX(I) C1) and I go out with DEER 1L, losing by 15. Second best is (C)UE B12, threatening TRIED. She will follow with MAX A13 and I got out with TRIED N1, losing by 18. RET(I)E has the benefit of blocking her obvious MAX(I) or EX C6 and maybe she will make a mistake of (Z)EDA or MAXED or somethin. RET(I)E will typically follow with EXAM N2, (C)UD B12 and she goes out with (D)E(V) and I lose by 22. I was low on time by this points, ~30 seconds so I laid down RET(I)E not knowing the outcome, thinking I miiiiight have a chance... Until I saw EXAM which gave her two spots for DEV and then I knew I was screwed... just hoping she would mess something up.
>Leesa_Berahovich: ADEMVX N2 AXED +27 406
#note Well, I did get lucky that she missed EXAM but this is still one of her wins. EXAM, MEAD, DEVA, AXED and MA(I)D K3 all win; A(I)M K4 ties. This is -19 points from playing EXAM.
>Jack: DIU 3N .U +9 393
#note I lost 3 points on ridding my D + I + U due to time troubles.
>Leesa_Berahovich: MV 7A ..M +11 417
#note (HE)M is her only win. (A)M and M(AXED) tie.
>Jack: DI 2B ..D +6 399
#note (HOE)D
>Leesa_Berahovich: V - +0 417
>Jack: I 4L .I. +4 403
#note (S)I(P) 13J
>Jack: (V) +8 411
#note There were just a lot of turns where I lost 1 or 2% points: kagu over auk, gait over egotist, font over bonne, fungo over faugh. Always hurts to lose by 6 points, but this was the funnest game of the tournament :D
Player 2
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