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Player 1
#player1 Sid Sid
#player2 Cree Cree
>Sid: EEINQRY 8G QI +22 22
#note Championship game. I lose a lot of these and this is my first time being in this situation at such an important tournament!
>Cree: IIIIII -IIIIII +0 0
>Sid: EENORUY G8 .UEENY +23 45
>Cree: ?AEOORT 12C cORO.ATE +66 66
>Sid: ENNNORS F11 N.ON +13 58
#note I missed 11d NON(E) which I prefer. NOONS is kind of hard to hit, while offering Chris extra points on average, and there are good lanes for me anyway.
>Cree: ATW E10 WA.T +26 92
>Sid: EINORRS K6 IRONERS +72 130
#note Amazing draw
>Cree: ABEGN J6 BEGAN +37 129
>Sid: ?FITTVW -FITVW +0 130
>Cree: BELT 8J ..BLET +36 165
>Sid: ?EELLMT L3 MELT +17 147
>Cree: FOOW M1 WOOF +33 198
>Sid: ?CDEELT N7 s.LECTED +74 221
>Cree: CEOR 1K CO.ER +33 231
>Sid: AEOSUVY 15F SAVOY +38 259
#note Amazing draw. He hadn't drawn an S for like 8 turns and now I blocked his 100 point bingo.
>Cree: ADGINPS M13 PIG +23 254
>Sid: DEIITUU N1 .DIT +27 286
#note This is around 30th static and jumps to top of sim
>Cree: ADINSSU C10 DU.I +8 262
>Sid: AEIPUUX 10C .A. +7 293
#note Sim hates this, Orry likes it. Considered just XU now. But postgame, no one saw b9 PIX which is the runaway best play as it only gives ME access to the entire rest of the board!
>Cree: AJKNSSV 14I JASS.. +32 294
#note Orry really liked K(A) here but Chris and I didn't. I think either way it makes it awfully tough for him to win at this score. if Chris had IJKNSSV for example, KA would be a no-brainer. He does have multiple turns to hit ska, but on this particular board, losing a turn could make the game out of reach.
Quackle finds ENVY, which I REALLY like here. It essentially plays the patience game and saves a better opportunity to play KA. Annnnnd this is all why PIX is much better than DAW.
>Sid: EIPUUXZ B13 XU +27 320
#note Amazing draw
>Cree: EMNRV H4 VERM.N +17 311
>Sid: DEFIPUZ 5E FUZ.D +36 356
#note Amazing draw
>Cree: AH 6E AH +31 342
>Sid: AEHIILP 6D L..A. +19 375
>Cree: AGIIKR 7C KIR +20 362
>Sid: EHIIP 8A PHI +30 405
>Cree: AGI O5 GAI. +6 368
>Cree: (EI) +4 372
Player 2
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